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May. 19 2014
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The RHS Chelsea Flower Show: an Inspiring Event for Jewellery Designers

With the rise in popularity of flower inspired jewellery as seen in the exquisite creations by independent designer-maker Maria Thompson, it is no wonder that the RHS Chelsea Flower Show is opening its doors to fine jewellery designers for the May event.
Chelsea Flower Show 2011 by Herry Lawford, used under a Creative Commons licence (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/deed.en)

Impression of the Chelsea Flower Show, 2011 edition

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show is possibly the most anticipated event in the world of horticulture. The world famous exhibition begins on May 20th and runs through the 24th. The outstanding array and variety of flora and horticultural skill showcased at the event brings in thousands of visitors every year. However, many visitors also attend the show for the unique shopping opportunity it provides.

Popular Jewellery Shopping Venue

This year, the Somerset-based jewellery brand Hiho will make its debut at the Chelsea Flower Show to present several of its new silver collections. One of these will be an exclusive collection created in collaboration with Alex Monroe. Hiho is well known for their equestrian pieces and jewellery influenced by nature and animals.

The Flower Motif’s Popularity Endures

The natural world, and particularly flowers, has been a source of inspiration to artists and jewellery makers for centuries. Today, their popularity is on the rise as designers combine this inspiration with unique creativity to design exquisitely new and fresh looking jewellery pieces. Bespoke engagement ring designers such as Maria Thompson craft commissioned rings that beautifully reflect the ambiguous nature of a flower itself: delicate and dainty in appearance, yet resilient and strong in its survival.

The growing popularity of jewellery featuring both flora and fauna was one of the most apparent trends seen at this year’s Jewellery and Watch Show Birmingham. The RHS Chelsea Flower Show is a prime venue for jewellery designers looking for inspiration as well as opportunity. The steadily growing number of visitors who attend the Chelsea Flower Show each year has led the event to evolve into much more than just a flower show. Visitors will undoubtedly walk away with memories of stunning floral displays and exhibitions, but now they also have the opportunity to own a handcrafted, unique piece of jewellery to commemorate their visit.

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