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Dec. 13 2014
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Deborah Cadby Designs Using Antique Inspiration

Deborah Cadby’s designs give timeless classic styles more modern settings. Her talented inspirational designs have brought her to F&L Designer Guides.

The voyage of discovery into the world of new designers continues with the addition of Deborah Cadby to the F&L Designer Guides community. It was her upbringing in her father’s antique shop that led to her passion for all things gorgeous, and it is this passion that drew the attention of F&L Designer Guides. Intrigued by sparkles and mesmerised by treasures, Deborah was brought up surrounded by pieces designed by some of the most amazing designers, such as Fouquet, Rene Boiven and Suzanna Belperron.

4ct Cushion Diamond Ring, 22ct Gold by Deborah Cadby

4ct Cushion Diamond Ring, 22ct Gold by Deborah Cadby

L, from F&L, is particularly inspired by one of Deborah Cadby’s recent collections that was influenced by a French medieval royal ring that she often admired in her father’s collection.

Deborah cleverly incorporates the rich elegance of the gold metal and the soft fine curves of its shape to create her own stunning masterpieces.

Despite her love of simplicity and natural curves going against the grain amongst the stereotypical flamboyant college designers, she has faith in her ‘Scandinavian’ style that exudes understated elegance even in its most basic form.

It is Deborah Cadby’s latest collection, inspired by stunning old cut diamonds that caught the eye of F, co-founder of F&L Designers. He admires the way Deborah takes these completely unique stones and brings a classical antique look to a modern, soft setting that is comfortable to wear.

Her talent lies in her ability to craft jewellery to suit the stones and work with irregular shapes, unusual dimensions and unique facet patterns.

Deborah Cadby loves to carve, file and paper precious metals using her hand and eye to satisfy her need to produce soft touchable pieces that defy the objective concept of perfection and invite the viewer to consider them more subjectively.

It is this individuality that brings her the many commissions that she is proud to be a part of. F was certainly intrigued when he heard of one of her most special commissions that she produced using a piece of Moldavite that had travelled around the world and been blessed by several spiritual leaders, including the Dalai Lama! Imagine having your special stone incorporated into a perfect, one of a kind ring with the compassion and creativity of the innovative and exceptionally talented Deborah Cadby?

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