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Nov. 30 2014
The F&L Designer News Room

Aimee Winstone Joins F&L Designer Guides and Makes her Mark

Aimee Winstone fuses striking design with superlative technical skills to create perfect engagement rings. Find out more at F&L Designer Guides.

In the community of bespoke designers at F&L Designer Guides, Aimee Winstone is set to make her mark. Confidently creating for as long as she can remember, this award winning designer interprets the eccentric and the unusual to design fabulous rings that not only emphasis the gemstone but the setting too.

Aimee Winstone prides herself on creating articulated designs and patterns that evoke ideas of movement, giving the impression that the piece of jewellery itself decides how it is to be worn.

Settings for Aimee are a playground for her imagination with limitless opportunity for interpretation of ideas.

F and L are both intrigued by designers that are inspired by different elements of nature and Aimee Winstone certainly unearths many of her designs from the stunning natural world we live in. From the arum lily, with its strong lines and flamboyant allure to the paisley patterns in Indian Mehndi tattoos, and from the colourful Indian saris to the coral reef and sea life under the seas off the coast of Egypt, she embraces what is all around her and lets it lead her creative mind.

F was particularly taken with the way that Aimee Winstone perfected an interpretation of the unusual open setting, in which she created a coil of precious metals encircling the gem but leaving one side of the stone exposed and very visible. He believes in Aimee’s confidence and blatant exploitation of natural beauty.

Why hide what makes our world so special?

Other commissions include a ring created to give the illusion of movement in the form of a pattern of ocean waves, and another, designed for a tractor driver, was finished with a pattern engraved into it that evoked the image of tyre tracks. If romance is what you want to reflect in your ring, then how about an engagement ring for your loved one, created by adapting the traditional claw setting into a star shape? Perfect for your ‘under the starry sky’ proposal.

9ct yellow gold tanzanite and diamond ring by Aimee Winstone

9ct yellow gold tanzanite and diamond ring by Aimee Winstone

Aimee Winstone loves what she does, and creating relationships with her clients and helping them realise their bespoke jewellery design ideas are what drive her passion and enthusiasm for her work. Her love of nature and her flexibility and adaptability to create with flair and integrity are the key qualities that appeal to F&L Designer Guides, who want to bring bespoke jewellers together and develop a community from which London engagement ring buyers can choose their perfect designer.

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