Tina Engell

Tina Engell

L and I were hugely impressed with Tina Engell’s bespoke work and we were delighted to talk with her about her designs. Having benefited from the rigorous training in traditional jewellery making techniques in Denmark and from the expressive, creative environment of London’s RCA, Tina marries skill and imagination in her engagement ring commissions. Harnessing ancient craftsmanship to execute contemporary design concepts, Tina’s work struck us both as a modern interpretation of classical ring shapes.

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Tina Engell & Bold Simplicity

L admires the sleek and confident elegance of Tina Engell’s clean lines in her engagement ring designs. When we asked Tina about this style she attributed it to her Danish background and the national characteristic of straightforward honesty. Those who commission a ring from Tina can be guaranteed that it will be a piece that brings a sophisticated touch to their everyday appearance.

For me and for L, Tina Engell’s work embodies that well known truism that ‘less is more’. This designer avoids elaborate decorative detail and lets the lines of the precious metals that she uses for the stone setting and band speak volumes on their own.

Tina Engell’s Homage to the Gem

When L and I spoke with Tina she pointed out to us that her preference for elegant simplicity was a result of her respect for the gemstone that she is commissioned to work with. For this designer, the stone must never be upstaged and all her designs serve to celebrate the individuality of every gem’s cut.

For example, Tina Engell has evolved a ‘cup’ setting that has appealed to many couples for their engagement ring. With more solidity than a traditional claw setting, the stone is raised and enhanced while being completely protected. From diamonds to tourmalines to rubies, this setting gives the gems that it holds a volume and presence that is stunning and opulent.
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