Shivani Patel


Shivani Patel

L recently talked to Shivani Patel and shared with me this designer’s eclectic sources of inspiration. From the elaborate repeat patterns of Moghul architecture, she draws on motifs of inlaid and carved marble, floral designs and softly pointed shapes.

One of the fascinating aspects of Shivani Patel’s design theory is her embrace of the Japanese Wabi-sabi philosophy which finds beauty in the imperfect. Shivani translates this into jewellery design by playing on an element of surprise in her pieces which she creates using asymmetry and gemstones with naturally beautiful inclusions.

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Shivani Patel’s Metalwork

Shivani showed L a range of techniques that she has evolved from traditional metalwork like Mokume game to create dual metal tones and graphic patterns on her engagement ring bands. By fusing silver and white gold or white and yellow gold she creates the tonal shapes on her bands that we find so mesmerising.

Shivani Patel works mainly with wider ring bands to give herself space to design and execute patterned embellishments. She told L that many of her clients who ask for engagement rings choose to commission her to invest all her creative energy in a single ring design and forego the wedding band.

Shivani Patel & the Unusual Cut

L asked Shivani about stone cuts and shapes for engagement rings since Shivani specialises in finding the unique and the unusual gem shape for truly individual rings. Sourcing many of her stones from a cutter based in Germany who designs his own cuts in his studio, Shivani Patel is able to offer couples something that is outside the classical parameters of cut and shape.

She says that the Germans prefer not to cut away inclusions (imperfections) in the gemstone, and L loves the way that Shivani harnesses these inclusions to integrate them into her engagement ring designs.

One of her recent commissions, which entranced us, was designed around a beryl stone with inclusions that created a glittering effect with its myriad sparkles refracting in the light.
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