Serena Fox


Serena Fox

F and I met Serena Fox together at a Hallmark Salon show and we were captivated instantly by her stunning jewellery pieces and her energetic personality.

With her love of sensual flowing shapes, Serena Fox has designed rings that suit the feminine and elegant characteristics of her clients. She is inspired by the forms that flowing material create, transforming the drape of silks and other sinuous materials into gold. Combining this intuitive feel for materials with her use of modern technology like CAD, both F and I could instantly understand why Serena’s work is so sought after by her clients.

MORE ON Serena Fox

Serena Fox’s Stone Collection

F and I have always been curious about alternative stones to diamond and sapphire in an engagement ring so Serena Fox talked to us about her preference for the more unusual gemstones. One of her favourites is the Paraiba Tourmaline which she uses for engagement rings since they are durable as well as beautiful.

She told us about the wide range of frequently overlooked stones that she deliberately searches out. Her pride and joy is a mint tourmaline and some of her other notable stones include yellow beryl and a group of lovely aquamarines – all waiting for the perfect commission to show off their beauty.

Serena Fox & Metals

F chatted to Serena about her use of precious metals. As a bespoke designer she is willing to work in any metal preferred by the client but she did also mention that she is still dazzled by yellow gold, whose classical, opulent glow speaks to her more loudly than the harder, steely appearance of platinum.

Serena Fox has developed her metalwork one step further and told us about her carefully honed skills in wax carving. Working with her clients, she often creates distinctive shapes and forms in wax which are then embellished in the workshop to realise the elaborate patterns in the engagement ring bands that she designs. The designing and preparation of this decorative work results in the production of a ring that is unique to the love story of her clients.
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