Mirri Damer


Mirri Damer

Mirri Damer impressed me and F the other day by relating her work to the lifestyle of her clients. She finds that her work inspires nature lovers with its low key, substantial elegance that skilfully blends the practical with the precious.

At the same time this designer’s imagination knows no limits: she begins with an idea that evolves as she works. She uses her innate sense of balance and proportion to tease out and nurture the creative genius that lies in all her commissions. While talking to Mirri Damer I truly felt inspired by both her personality and her stunning rings.

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A Passion for Cornwall

Beach front strolls and cliff top hikes near her studio in Cornwall, provide Mirri Damer with more ideas for new engagement ring designs than she can handle. I can instantly identify the natural patterns of sea weathered rocks or the coloured swirls of the local granite and slate reflected and translated into the work that has been commissioned from Mirri.

Her engagement rings evoke the natural phenomena around her, and F and I enjoyed some time together pouring over her images to see if we could guess which particular coastal experience was embodied in each design.

By sketching what she sees and recording the ever-changing mood of the Cornish landscape, Mirri Damer translates the majesty of nature into the miniature of precious jewellery.

Mirri Damer’s Dialogue with the Earth

One of the distinctive features in Mirri Damer’s engagement ring work is her clear attraction to a more subtle colour palette than I have normally encountered in jewellery design. She celebrates the earthy colours that envelop her in her studio: the varied blue-greens and greys that suggest the different states of the sea; the wide range of browns and greens in our own Mother Earth. You can commission chocolate diamonds, pale yellow sapphires and emeralds with a hint of green from Mirri.

Even her techniques are developed to capture the beauty of the unique and individual. Using the edge of the hammer she sculpts her precious metals so that they have a distinct character that eschews perfection and celebrates freedom and expressivity. These innovative methods create setting for rings that blend beautifully with the organic quality of her preferred stones.
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