Mia Chicco


Mia Chicco

The first impression of Mia Chicco when L and I talked to her was of an engagement ring designer with deep imagination and empathy. With her love of artistic styles such as Fauvism, Suprematism and other forms of abstract art, Mia draws on vibrant colour palettes and experiments with textures.

I loved her attention to finishing techniques for precious metals, from a miligrain finish on a band to complement a pave setting to more experimental techniques of imitating the shapes formed when she drops hot metal into water, Mia Chicco’s engagement ring commissions are out of the ordinary.


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Mia Chicco Interprets Your Dreams

I always enjoy collecting designer stories about individual engagement ring commissions that challenged them to take an idea from a client and interpret it in precious metal and gem stones.

Mia Chicco had a particularly unique engagement ring request from an Australian couple and her response delighted the storyteller in me and left L mulling over the significant moments in our relationship that we could ask a designer to represent in a ring.

This couple travelled every year to Italy’s Positano and stayed in a castle with a tower that was perched on a scenic cliff. Starting with an Art Deco style, Mia used a cushion cut diamond raised to represent the castle with blue sapphires set slightly lower on either side to suggest the Mediterranean Sea below the cliff.

Global Designs & Mia Chicco

L has always had a passion for Italy and she was initially drawn to Mia Chicco’s design work by the designer’s use of her Florentine training. From Florence, Mia received exposure to that long established artisanal tradition of jewellery crafting that has been passed from generation to generation. While training there she developed an unsurpassed attention to detail and fine skills such as hand engraving and stone setting techniques.

But Mia hasn’t immersed herself in the Italian jewellery scene alone. During her Sydney apprenticeship she learned modern techniques to apply to her love of Etruscan jewellery shapes and her bespoke work explored this marriage of old and new in several engagement ring commissions.

Now in London Mia Chicco’s design work for couples demonstrates a consolidation of these world experiences to the taste of a very different market for which her engagement rings are created to push boundaries and to stand out.
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