Mabel Hasell


Mabel Hasell

When L and I met Mabel Hasell we were delighted by her appreciation of the beauty that can be found in the raw material she works with. Mabel believes that this innate splendour should be celebrated and exposed. While she loves to create a traditional piece, her passion comes out when she has a chance to explore the unrefined and natural state of a stone.

This play of control and chance in her work guarantees a genuinely unusual and unique engagement ring.

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Mabel Hasell & the Floating Gem

L got really excited about Mabel’s uniquely inspired ‘floating gem’ concept that characterises a lot of her work. Using the traditional and historic cire perdue technique of casting, she added her own twist that has a rather exclusive impact on the look of her rings.

She has mastered this unique casting technique to allow the stones to move from their original position. And in doing so they leave an imprint in the metal of their initial arrangement, which Mabel harnesses and incorporates into the final design.

Sometimes she deliberately uses a stone that will change colour when exposed to the fierce heat of the casting process. L and I were deeply impressed by this ingenuity and authentic craftsmanship.

The Inspiration of Nature’s Materials

I had a rapport with Mabel Hasell right from the start when I discovered her love of the countryside. Having grown up in South Africa I can understand how inspiring the open spaces and natural world can be. Mabel found this passion in her childhood home in Devon and she has brought her experiences to her jewellery making.

She has never left behind the lessons of using the natural materials foraged around her to create beautiful designs. These days Mabel will create an engagement ring from the highest luxury gems and precious metals that capture the elemental forces of nature and that emulate the beauty of the organic.
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