Joy and Chris Poupazis

Joy and Chris Poupazis

F lit up when I talked to him about Chris and Joy Poupazis and their bespoke engagement ring work. This couple have a breadth of imagination that inspires astounding designs that they achieve by embracing virtuoso techniques for every ring.

We were delighted by Chris’s innovative method of stitching with metal wire – it is safe to say that there is neither a limit to the creative parameters in which this couple conceives engagement rings nor any such thing as an insurmountable technical challenge to achieving their vision.

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Chris and Joy Poupazis: Dreams to Reality

Chris and Joy Poupazis apply their motto of ‘Dreams to Reality’ to their engagement ring commissions. I have always maintained that the bespoke experience seeks fundamentally to do this for each couple. These designers are creatively stimulated by a vast range of symbols and stories from folklore to natural phenomena. I told F all about the work that Chris and Joy Poupazis have done with pearls, inspired by the gem’s association with the moon goddess and her femininity.

It’s very clear that Chris and Joy greet every couple’s dream with enthusiasm and that they embark with their clients on a very personal journey that turns that dream into the reality of a treasured engagement ring.

Seekers of Stones

F and I have always been intrigued by the option to have an engagement ring that clearly represents our vows to each other but deviates a little from the norm. Joy is particularly sympathetic to this potential and she devotes much time and skill to finding gemstones that are a little unusual.

She made someone very happy when she tracked down a spinel for a client who wanted purple for his fiancée’s engagement ring and thought the only option was the very fragile amethyst. If you are looking for that unique stone then Joy is your designer: from fancy diamonds to other lesser known precious stones, she can identify and secure that perfect gem for your engagement ring.
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