Jon Dibben


Jon Dibben

F and I were really thrilled to talk to Jon Dibben, a Surrey based designer. While his journey to the jeweller’s bench has been anything but conventional, this unusual path has given him a sense of freedom which, when coupled with a sensational level of technical skill, has resulted in engagement rings that are unique, stunning and beautifully crafted.

I am particularly inspired by the way he approaches both classical and more unusual commissions. Jon Dibben might well be the designer for you whether you are looking for something that challenges the norm or you have your heart set on a more established design.

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‘Grown’, not Made

One of the first things that drew our attention to Jon Dibben’s work was the sweeping and flowing lines of his engagement ring designs. F likened his jewellery to rolling hills in miniature metal forms, and I just enjoyed the soothing and pleasing nature of his shapes.

It seemed totally fitting when Jon told me that one of his clients had described his work as seemingly ‘grown’ rather than made. My imagination was instantly captivated by visions of Jon’s rings pushing their shoots up through the ground in his studio to bloom in a natural burst of glory like a plant emerging into thespring sunlight.

Driven by his conviction that the ultimate aesthetic experience is delivered by nature’s effortless blending of form and function, Jon has harnessed this philosophy to design engagement rings that do not look engineered in any way but whose proportions and lines give each piece its own inner harmony to celebrate the ethos of the natural world.

While this might be considered a flight of fancy, there is no denying that this designer uses precious metal and gemstones to embody a sense of the organic. Each ring setting seems to blend seamlessly with its shank as if it grows naturally from it. Stone, setting, shank and band all blend to form one indivisible entity.

Jon Dibben Celebrates Nature

I also spent some time talking to Jon Dibben about his preoccupation with the welfare of the environment that provides the materials which he uses to make his stunning engagement rings. This designer has a keen sense of responsibility for the natural world, a world that is so fundamental a source of inspiration for his pieces.

For Jon Dibben nature has given him so much that he feels that he has a responsibility to return something to it and to protect its creative power for the future. As one of the first twenty designers licensed to make jewellery using the world's first certified Fairtrade & Fairmined gold and platinum, Jon ensures that he can make a stand against harmful mining techniques that pollute the environment with chemicals and that leave the vulnerable in substandard living conditions.
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