Jana Reinhardt


Jana Reinhardt

Trained in a prestigious German academy, Jana Reinhardt has settled by the sea in the UK and finds herself embracing an English aesthetic vocabulary that is more dainty and delicate than the angular, heavier styles that she learned in Germany.

F loves the inspiration that Jana derives from her love of nature and I am fascinated by the range of quirky design challenges that she clearly enjoys to grapple. Jana Reinhardt’s husband, Ross is part of her team and together they even managed to pull off a wooden inlay inside a wedding band that a couple had their hearts set on.

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Jana Reinhardt on Upcycling

In our search for an engagement ring, F and I have toyed with the idea of incorporating a sentimental token into our piece by using the metal of one of his family heirlooms to create a ring that perpetuates the memory of his late mother.

Jana Reinhardt has done some amazing work with this sort of scenario for her clients and she calls it ‘upcycling’. One couple came to her with a grandmother’s beloved gold chain, and Jana melted it down in her studio and gave new life to the precious metal in the form of an engagement ring that sported a stunning emerald stone.

Jana Reinhardt’s Portfolio of Individuality

One of the most impressive aspects about Jana Reinhardt is her range and infinite scope of unique designs that reflect the exclusivity of each of the couples who come to her for a bespoke engagement ring.

I was telling F about how I think she would be an ideal designer for those who have imaginations that know no bounds and seek a craftsman who can transcend the apparent limitations of physical materials. Jana Reinhardt’s portfolio of commissioned engagement rings is a testament to her capacity to find an elegant solution for any design challenge that a client can put in front of her.
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