Farah Qureshi


Farah Qureshi

Farah Qureshi is the ultimate creative spirit. When L and I talked to her we heard about sources of inspiration for her engagement ring designs that ranged from Australian beach walks in Fraser Island to the palette of the gown worn by the early 20th-century artist Lady Lavery in an elegant portrait painted by her husband John.

L warmed to Farah’s growing passion for colour in her jewellery. She works with aquamarines, pink tourmaline, green peridot, blue moonstone and coloured diamonds to satisfy her interest in designing with vibrant hues and tones.

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Botanical Influences

While Farah Qureshi is attracted to diverse sources of inspiration for her designs, there is one area that keeps drawing her back: the patterns in botanical gardens. Starting with Kew, a local haunt of her youth, Farah has drawn on the shapes, forms and structures of plants to create her rings.

I was curious about Farah’s extension of this interest in botanical life to her study of microscopic algae whose patterns she translated into abstract forms that she used in her jewellery. For this designer the natural world, even in its smallest conception, is a powerful influence on her work.

Farah Qureshi and Textured Metal

L and I are in complete agreement that Farah Qureshi’s handling of precious metal is superb. L is particularly set on a textured finish to the band, and Farah has a range of techniques that give her rings unique and interesting surface patterns.

Whether she is impressing the weft of a fabric weave on her gold surfaces, or etching a design into the metal, or even decorating the band with heat patterning, the rings she creates look exceptional and individual.

Farah Qureshi works in silver as well as gold and she enjoys the contrast of the supple and the hard as well as the challenges that each metal presents to her. She is equally interested in recycled gold and gives a new look to old pieces that are invested with sentimental value.
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