Anton Kata


Anton Kata

I visited one of F’s fellow countrymen, who can be found these days at Goldsmiths, to have a look at his engagement ring designs. Far from the sunshine of South Africa, Anton Kata can be found in his London studio creating stunning jewellery that is inspired by his native country’s vast treasure trove of nature.

From design to hand-making to polishing, Anton has a hand in every aspect of an engagement ring’s creation to guarantee that the concept he has visualised becomes the reality that his client will wear for the rest of his or her life.


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Anton Kata Sculpts Metal

I find that many designers will talk about their sculptural approach to engagement ring design, and that concept always intrigues me so when I encountered Anton Kata’s similar interest, I decided to ask him some more exploratory questions about this. His aim is to create an interplay of shadows and layers and a sense of depth through the texturing of his engagement rings.

Anton Kata interprets his sculptural approach as one of experimentation with different effects on the surface of the precious metal that he is working on. His balling or beading technique creates the appearance of a complex pattern of tiny pock marks across the surface. On another occasion Anton uses hammers of differing sizes to add texture to the metal. Or his methods of carving, grinding and scratching render a range of metal patterns that are all unique and intricate.

Leaving my meeting with Anton Kata, I was truly convinced that I had just met with a maestro who has that elusive genius to create that perfect reinterpretation of the classical engagement ring.

Anton Kata’s Protea Adventure

As F knows, one of my favourite flowers these days is the Protea so I was really thrilled to discover that Anton Kata also has a thing for this eccentric but lovely plant. Using a semi-precious cabuchon he has created a ring that derives its shape from the gentle, rounded curves of the Protea petals.

However, he plans to take this idea one step further in a way that has immense potential for those who are looking for an engagement ring with a rather unique genesis. By using a precious stone with a fluted cut, Anton Kata plans to translate the distinct collar of Protea petals encasing the flower’s centre into a ring that would impress any potential bride.
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