Andrew English


Andrew English

When F and I visited Clerkenwell we were delighted to meet Andrew English (and Hester the pup). This engagement ring designer is a true artist, dipping into myriad pools of inspiration to capture the essence of the personality who will proudly wear the ring he has designed. Andrew is known to run down the corridor at the studio to dig out the patterns created by his fellow craftsmen and to turn their creations – from poster prints to henna tattoos - into an intricately carved white gold band. There are no boundaries for this designer’s imagination!

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Andrew English and Inspiration

Andrew English’s first venture into the arts world was as a sculptor and the conceptual approach that this discipline requires has left a lasting legacy on the way he approaches every new engagement ring commission. Be prepared to be given homework when you start your project with Andrew. He will ask you to compile an album of personal inspirations – with the stipulation that you do not include any jewellery images – and that will in turn inspire his creation. F’s eyes light up at the prospect of putting together our portfolio of ideas for an engagement ring.

His dextrous mind sees the potential in a variety of artistic media for these unique designs.

Andrew English on Inclusions

Talking to Andrew gave us an insight into the mysterious world of crystal formation. When a gem is growing an impurity can get mixed into the formation process and generate what is called an inclusion. Andrew told us about his fascination for how these ‘flaws’ were harnessed by the designers of the Golden Age like Faberge and Tiffany to create features that made their jewels as unique as a fingerprint. Today, technology can render these flawed gems perfect but Andrew prefers to work with his stones in their natural state and to enter into a dialogue with their individual characteristics and deformities in a way that releases the inner beauty of the stones’ individuality.
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