Andrew Leggett

Andrew Leggett

When F and I met with Andrew Leggett to talk about his engagement ring commissions we were struck by his passion to design pieces that are truly ‘of our time’. He believes that our modern lifestyle calls for new jewellery styles with settings that don’t snag on clothing. We saw several stunning examples of his preferred rub over setting with its clean, aesthetic look.

Having trained with John Donald, one of the inventors of modern jewellery, and in a West End workshop, creating unique items for many Bond Street jewellers, Andrew Leggett is a maestro with unusual gems, textures and the flowing organic look.

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Andrew Leggett’s Kaleidoscope of Inspiration

I was impressed by Andrew Leggett’s philosophy that a true artist will design what his client and he want and work out how to realise that conceptual dream later. He relishes those designs that throw up technical challenges which require a versatile craftsman’s solution.

This openness means that Andrew can draw inspiration from virtually anything to create his engagement rings. From motifs and techniques that he draws from the past, in particular Art Nouveau styles, the Arts & Crafts movement, William Morris and Liberty prints, to the haphazard patterns formed by piles of off cuts at his bench; Andrew Leggett sees flashes of inspiration all around him. Doodle books full of sketches showing myriad of natural phenomena such as fallen leaves that overlap in interesting arrangements, cracks in paving stones and anything that has caught his attention, and these often spark ideas for pieces of jewellery.

Andrew Leggett: Masterful Asymmetry

F’s face immediately lit up when Andrew talked about his fascination with the design potential of asymmetry. By challenging the eye, which usually expects symmetry, Andrew Leggett’s engagement rings give a sense of dynamic movement that satisfy his clients’ search for a touch of cutting edge in a piece that is still identifiable as a classic engagement ring. As a designer, he views his commissions as opportunities to take less obvious design solutions and to find a middle path that balances traditional with contemporary.

As we looked at Andrew Leggett’s bespoke commissions, we concluded that we very much agree with his assessment that his work and designs are ideal for couples who find the High Street rings a bit too old fashioned and who want something just a little different and unique.
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