Amanda Mansell


Amanda Mansell

F loves to tell stories and I can see he could easily work with Amanda Mansell to design an engagement ring that is based on one of his flights of imagination. When I look at this designer’s gallery I am overwhelmed by her flexibility and her truly unique response to each client’s individual needs.

From those who dream of interpreting Art Deco and minimalist architectural structures into the vocabulary of a ring to those who crave to reflect the green eyes of their fiancé in the glow of an emerald, Amanda has a personal response to each and every desire.


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Amanda Mansell on British Design

If you are still warming your heart on the glow of the last few years’ British victories in the cultural arena and if you want to go British for your engagement ring, then I think Amanda Mansell’s philosophies and practices will be for you.

She champions the finest qualities that British craftsmanship embodies. Her engagement rings are created with traditional manufacturing techniques by local artisans. For Amanda Mansell, it is critical to prevent old jewellery traditions and skills fall out of use in the UK.

When she consigns each creation to a local craftsman she guarantees that his fine workmanship and attention to detail will do justice to the precious work of art that she has conceptualised.

Amanda Mansell’s Love of Diamonds

An interesting revelation emerged while we were talking to Amanda. She recalls how she shunned the diamond in her student days at the Royal College of Art. Immersed in innovative and experimental materials, she never imagined that one day she would fall in love with the diamond.

Today, in Amanda Mansell’s work, you can see her passion for the stone that has captured the imagination of man for centuries. Her engagement rings that use these precious gems radiate the inner fire that makes the diamond so alluring. Amanda is captivated by the diamond’s individuality – she has never encountered two alike. When you look at the way she engages with the stone’s inherent character she gives it a voice that symbolises the durability and sparkle of your special relationship.
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