Dec. 24 2014
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Unusual Engagement Ring Designers Choose Colour Over Classic

Unusual engagement ring designers and consumers alike are choosing coloured gemstones more and more. But how has this affected their price?

Big beautiful statement pieces of jewellery boasting coloured gemstones are definitely on the rise, and while their inherent value is no match for the classic diamond, they are ever more appealing because of their price tag and the incredible design potential they hold for unusual engagement ring designers. The world of jewellery is constantly pushing boundaries and with an increasing number of price-conscious couples looking for more and more unusual and unique engagement rings, coloured gems are making their mark. Offering something different and yet affordable, the use of these striking gemstones is understandably on the up. But with increased popularity comes increased price tags.

Multi-coloured ring by Catherine Mannheim

Multi-coloured ring by Catherine Mannheim

F&L Designer Guides discovered that according to Antonia Ross of Holts Gems in London, an unheated 2-3 carat padparascha sapphire has doubled in value recently, as has the quality blue sapphire. Other stones to have seen a rise in value are the natural fine chalcedony, spinel and chrysoberyl cat’s eye.

The Chinese and other emerging markets have a significant role to play in the increased prices of coloured gems, which are also making their presence felt in the leading jewellery markets and among the more unusual engagement ring designers. 

Last year Gemfields achieved a record average price per carat at the emerald auctions in Lusaka, Zambia and this clearly reflects the rise in enthusiasm for the coloured gemstone that is now highly regarded in many of the world’s leading jewellery houses.

The demand for colour has meant that other stones such as the Paraiba tourmalines, spinals, pink sapphires and topaz are also coming into their own.

L, from F&L Designer Guides believes that it is fashion rather than intrinsic value that drives price changes and she notes that in the 1920s, for example, the fashion was for the unusual engagement ring designer to use coral and lapis lazuli, non-precious stones that fetched an increasingly higher price tag that was concurrent with their increased prominence.

The successful auctions, 17 in total, held by Gemfields have set records for per-carat prices and this is evidence enough that coloured gemstones are firmly establishing themselves as the stones of choice for more and more unusual engagement ring designers and consumers too.

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