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Oct. 2 2014
The F&L Designer News Room

Shivani Patel Enters the World of F&L Designer Guides

Masses of innovation and inspiration from Shivani Patel, the newest member of F&L Designer Guides, are coming your way. Here’s what’s in store.
Rubellite Ring by Shivani Patel

Rubellite Ring by Shivani Patel

The latest addition to the fabulous online publication that is F&L Designer Guides is the designer goldsmith Shivani Patel. This innovative and inspirational designer has made huge waves in the jewellery world and her passion for working with unusual precious and semi-precious stones, often with one-off cuts and dramatic imperfections, has set her apart from many of her contemporaries, and drew the F&L team to invite her on their journey.

F, co-founder of F&L Designer Guides, says: “I really admire the way she takes these stones and lets her designs evolve from them, rather than the other way around. Shivani Patel lets the unique qualities of the stones, some far from ‘perfect’, dictate her design ideas, their form and the result. I find it truly magical.” Her pieces have certainly put her in the design spotlight and since graduating in 2005 with a 1st class honours degree in silversmithing, she has taken her research, ideas, and handmade jewellery to many top class exhibitions. Awards have also been given to commemorate Shivani Patel’s bespoke work, including those from the Goldsmiths’ Company and the Arts Council.

The co-founder of F&L Designer Guides is fascinated by the inspiration behind Shivani Patel’s pieces. With a keen interest in Moghul architecture and colourful geometrically patterned tile work Shivani balances the ancient and the contemporary in a seamless depiction of fluidity, simplicity and symmetrical repetition. This love of texture is reflected in the way she works on the metals’ surfaces, depicting patterns and contrasts that define her individuality.

Her commissions tell a story of her passion for precious metals and they often combine 22k gold, the Indian alloy sourced by recycling unwanted jewellery, with white gold, silver and colourful gemstones. Shivani’s designs use contrasting elements that as individuals appear conflicting but when worked together under her careful eye appear aesthetically co-ordinated and naturally perfect.

It is the ethos and the attitude of Shivani Patel that attracts the F&L Designer Guides team, who are constantly on the look out for new talent with a motivational style and an eager desire to promote bespoke, individual designs and bring them to the people of London. Patel epitomises all they stand for and it is her continued need to learn, her aspirational approach to new techniques and her unconventional but uniquely inspiring work with precious metals that makes her a valuable and very much welcomed member of the F&L Designer Guides community.

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