Oct. 23 2014
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Reimagined and Rejuvenated: Gold Engagement Rings Born From the Past

Gold Engagement Rings with both beauty and heart? Perhaps the past can facilitate this hope for the future!

One of the greatest hurdles many newly engaged couples meet while perusing gold engagement rings is finding one with both beauty and heart. With so many options and styles on the market the challenge of finding a ring with sufficient sentimental value has risen to the top of the priority list and can be a daunting task at best.

However, with some creative help from an independent bespoke designer and the wisdom of the past, couples are discovering one of the most sentimental and heartfelt ways around this potential conundrum.

Popular industry magazine The Jewellery Editor recently reported an upsurge in the popularity of recycling old jewellery in the production of gold engagement rings. This is actually not a new method and is already used by many of the bespoke designers of the F&L Designer Guides community. Featured designers such as Jon Dibben, Amanda Li Hope and Diana Porter excel at the art of reimagining, rejuvenating and recreating exquisite engagement rings from old family jewellery frequently provided by the couple.

Jon Dibben, Amanda Li Hope and Diana Porter as featured in the Jewellery Editor

Jon Dibben, Amanda Li Hope and Diana Porter as featured in the Jewellery Editor

Amanda Li Hope recently commented that “using an heirloom piece gives members of the family a chance to be a part of the story.” This process is not only hugely sentimental but also meets the practical needs of engaged couples seeking to stick to a budget. Diana Porter retells the story of how one of her customers had “handfuls of old gold jewellery and had it remade into a striking seven-piece cage ring that covered the length of her finger.” The cost effectiveness of this method is undeniable. Jon Dibben, who along with the F&L community is an active proponent for the importance of Fairtrade gold and gems, also enjoyed the experience of recycling a family’s heirloom brooch in nine unique separate rings. “The family couldn’t justify keeping it as a brooch – they didn’t wear it – so we are now using the diamonds to make a recycled eternity ring for the client and her three daughters, as well as diamond stacking rings for her five granddaughters’ 21st birthdays.”

Recycling old family jewellery is proving to provide couples with a world of options when it comes to the creation of perfect and distinctly individual gold engagement rings.

Not only is the process contributing positively to the ethical plight facing the jewellery world regarding Fairtrade industry standards, but the personal savings found this way can be invaluable and, simply put, no other method will produce a ring that is so creatively sentimental to a couple.

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