Oct. 21 2014
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Pop Art-Inspired Jewellery Set To Take Centre Stage

Could pop art-inspired jewellery give our long loved vintage engagement rings a run for their money? Will its distinct, if unusual appeal win you over?

Winter is coming but just because your wardrobe will turn woolly, grey and on occasion dreary, does that mean that everything has to? No, not everything.

How about going out on a whim and investing in the new breed of pop art-inspired jewellery that is set to take the market by storm? Daringly opposing convention, you could be the proud owner of a funky, trendy and post-modern engagement ring, designed for and aimed at the tech-savvy and feisty customer.

It could be argued that this perverse pop art phenomenon contradicts all that jewellery is about.

It takes away the elegance we see in vintage engagement rings and smacks of a short-lived fashion that is set to disappear as quickly as it transpired. But perhaps not, as L from F&L Designers Guides suggests. “Even vintage engagement rings may have appeared a little too rebellious and unconventional in their time, take Art Deco for instance, but today they are revered and highly sought after. It is their intrigue and representation of the time they are born in that makes these designs special.” So, could pop art rings be the new vintage engagement rings in years to come?

This work is a derivative of "Louise Brooks" (http://goo.gl/ogqTyb) by Jim Linwood (http://goo.gl/GQlNfF), used under CC BY 4.0. "Louise Brooks" is licensed under CC BY 4.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) by F&L Designer Guides.

This work is a derivative of “Louise Brooks” (http://goo.gl/ogqTyb) by Jim Linwood (http://goo.gl/GQlNfF), used under CC BY 4.0. “Louise Brooks” is licensed under CC BY 4.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) by F&L Designer Guides.

Pop art is certainly influenced by the modern era we live in today and designs feature text message inspired emojis, popcorn bucket pendants, expressive impressions, mix and match earrings and many more. Designs tell a story, evoke images, encapsulate a message and are a harmless form of escapism. F, from F&L Designer Guides says: “These designers certainly offer another element to bespoke and give people the opportunity to leave their constraints and conventional expectations behind and experiment instead.

I believe that the designs will mainly appeal to ladies who are 40-plus and who can exercise a sense of individuality with confidence while having a little fun with their accessories.

After all, it was not long since ladies were told that simple diamond studs and a solitaire set engagement ring were the height of wedding fashion.”

The shift toward pop art is increasing in scale and there is evidence that it has made its way onto the AW14 catwalks with brands such as Moschino and Anya Hindmarch adorning their creations with pieces that look as if they have just come out of an Andy Warhol painting.

Although pop art pieces may not become a major feature of the engagement ring world and certainly are no competition for vintage engagement rings and other bespoke designs, their prominence is rising and cannot be ignored. Why not brighten up your winter season with a smiley face bracelet, a tattooed hand pendant or a lobster necklace; you could be the talk of the Christmas dinner table!

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