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Dec. 18 2014
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Ornella Iannuzzi; A Pearl Amongst the F&L Jewellers

Ornella Iannuzzi gains recognition with her pearl and opal ‘Les Corallines’ collection. The collection raised great interest in the F&L Designer community.

F&L Designer Guides are pleased to announce that one of their most awe-inspiring jewellers has earned an award in the Professional Jeweller’s round-up of the 50 best selling and most popular jewellery collections in the UK for 2014. Proud to be a highly commended artist in the Pearl category, Ornella Iannuzzi, the French jeweller who stands out for her one-of-a-kind pieces of exceptional jewellery, is an inspiration to all at the F&L Designer Guides Community.

The collection that earned her the credits was her first ‘everyday wear’ range, called “Les Corallines.” Infusing her trademark baroque style into this collection that boasts elegantly set pearls and opals in pieces that boldly evoke images of coral formations, Ornella has created a strong feminine and yet naturally edgy look that exudes class and epitomises modern bridal jewellery fashion.

Coralline Reef silver ring by Ornella Iannuzzi

Coralline Reef silver ring by Ornella Iannuzzi

Ornella Iannuzzi, like many other jewellers is motivated by nature, but unlike other jewellers she focuses not on the soft natural shapes and subtleties so often seen in jewellery design, but instead on the more dramatic features that evoke images of power, ideas of theatre and imaginings of eruptions. L, the co-founder of F&L believes that Ornella Iannuzzi’s success is born from her unique take on colour and texture composition and the infectious way she openly incorporates a huge range of precious metals and natural materials.

Seemingly stimulated by the unusual, Ornella Iannuzzi captivates with her distinctive style, unusual settings, and hand or rough-carved gems that appear as her signature.

She triumphs in the high-fashion world with eye-catching intricate shapes that can only be considered brave and adventurous in the often conventional world of jewellery design.

L believes that Ornella’s upbringing in the Alps is what drives her passion for the raw power of our natural world, and that it is the magic of the mountains and the dominance of natural features that have driven Ornella’s designs that so succinctly portray her interpretation of the world she lives in. A truly inspirational designer.

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