Apr. 4 2014
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National Trust Embraces Talent of Independent Jewellery Designers

The National Trust has partnered with an independent jewellery designer to create pieces that capture the beauty of the world’s natural wonders.

Any bespoke engagement ring designer will welcome the new publicity being generated by The National Trust’s collaboration with an independent jewellery designer for their latest official merchandise. The organization recently announced their partnership with independent designer Nancy Shepherd of Nancy Rose Jewellery to create a unique collection of pieces that have been inspired by one of the greatest natural wonders in the world, The Giant’s Causeway.

The national trust by Ryan Mcdonald, used under a Creative Commons licence (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/)

The logo of the National Trust

The signature massive hexagonal columns of stone that The Giant’s Causeway is famous for led it to be named as the fourth greatest natural wonder in the UK in 2005. The striking collection of jewellery that is to become part of The National Trust’s official merchandise will include earrings and pendants, all in sterling silver.

Traditionally, jewellery designers have been inspired by the awesome natural phenomena in their environment. F&L Designer Guides has its own collection of bespoke engagement ring designers, such as Mirri Damer and Ornella Iannuzzi whose work captures the essence of their environments.

For such designers this partnership model between the National Trust and Nancy Shephard is a significant development as this is only the second time The National Trust has worked with an independent jeweller. The positive publicity this will bring to the industry, any bespoke engagement ring designer and independent jewellery designers will certainly increase the public’s awareness of the vast array of exquisite jewellery pieces being created by the UK’s most talented artists.

Margaret Dunlop, the retail buyer for The National Trust, not only commented on the professionalism and inspiration she found working with Nancy Shepherd but also on the extraordinary quality and designs of the pieces.

Jewellery collections reflecting inspiration from Mother Nature and the natural world around us has risen in popularity as any bespoke engagement ring designer will tell you. Flower motifs, leaf patterns and natural rock formations are just a few of the influences that can be seen on necklaces, rings and earring being designed today.

Tourists from France, Germany, the USA and Canada make up just some of the 300,000 visitors per year that travel to see the spectacular natural architecture of The Giant’s Causeway. Now having a collection of jewellery inspired by the distinctive hexagonal stones of this natural phenomenon will mean that visitors can take away a memorable keepsake of their visit to The Emerald Isle. The unique range of jewellery will be available at the Visitor Centre at The National Trust Giant’s Causeway from March 2014.

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