Oct. 24 2014
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The Mystery of Agatha Christie’s Almost Forgotten Jewels

Bespoke engagement ring designers create by initiating a journey. Agatha Christie’s jewels, set to be auctioned, have certainly been on a journey of their own.

There is little doubt that the concept of bespoke engagement rings designers has gained great prestige in the jewellery industry. The whole idea of bespoke, individuality and the opportunity to own something exceptional appeals to the romantic side of so many couples aspiring to buy an engagement ring today.

There is a part of all of us that yearns to be different and, as the team at F&L Designer Guides has discovered, people want their special ring to tell a story, take them on a journey, inspire intrigue in the onlooker and befit the wearer.

But is this concept of jewellery having a more three-dimensional appeal something new? F, the founder of F&L Designer Guides, thinks not. “Take a look at the recent case of the collection of diamond jewellery, once owned by Agatha Christie, being auctioned off at the Knightsbridge Auction House in October. This jewellery, originally discovered in a trunk bought for £100, is sure to go for much much more at auction and I believe it is because it holds so much history, is intricately connected to the owner and has been on a journey that no other piece of jewellery has.”

F is right. The trunk was owned by the crime writer’s mother and in a rather romantic fairy tale turn of events was sold at auction complete with the mysterious strong box inside it that was locked and had no key. Only after 4 years, when the owner had the builders in, did she get the box opened with a crowbar and was stunned at what she found. A purse of gold coins and a collection of jewels worth £10,000 that included a diamond brooch and a three-stone diamond ring were the treasures that were discovered.

You could say that this was a mystery that the owner would have been proud to have written.

Agatha Christie’ biography, when referring to the jewels, reads: “My mother sorted amongst an array of odds and ends…all these required hours of sorting before they were packed in the trays in the various trunks.” Little did she know how the tale of her jewellery would end?

L, the co-founder of F&L Designer Guides, believes that bespoke jewellery designed today may not have such a long history but tells a story in its own way and often becomes a fairy tale. From design idea to final piece, bespoke engagement ring designers and their clients take the ring on a journey that is unique to each couple, who then go away with a one-off piece like no other and one that to them is priceless.

Bespoke engagement ring designers that are part of the F&L Designer Guides community often talk of their commissions as having a future, making a statement and who knows, in years to come, perhaps being worth much more than anyone could ever have guessed. Just as Agatha Christie’s jewels have made history, many bespoke designs could be set to do the same.

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