Sep. 28 2014
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Must-See Designers at Goldsmiths’ Fair London

The internationally renowned Goldsmiths’ Fair in London is a treasure trove of craftsmanship. Here’s some designers you definitely must see.

On 22 September 2014, this year’s edition of Goldsmiths’ Fair kicked off in London’s spectacular Goldsmiths’ Hall. With around 200 designers exhibiting, Goldsmiths’ Fair is internationally renowned as the UK’s leading event for contemporary designer jewellery and silverware. Jewellery and design lovers planning to attend the fair should definitely look out for the following upcoming names.

Serena Fox

Serena Fox’ work is feminine and elegant and features shapes that exude fluidity and evoke images of soft draped material. With technology such as Computer Aided Design (CAD) and wax carving, this designer manages to create distinctive and decorative forms and patterns in her work, perfect additions to engagement rings.

Mirri Damer

Cornwall-based designer Mirri Damer lets the rough and weathered landscape of her county inspire her natural-looking jewellery designs. Her work features earthy-coloured gemstones such as chocolate diamonds, as well as sapphires and emeralds to resemble the shades of the sea.

Jessica Poole

As a designer specialising in micro pave, Jessica Poole is able to create pieces that stand out for their exquisite detail in which she embraces tiny gemstones as organic parts of the whole.

Beth Gilmour

Beth Gilmour’s work is very nature-inspired, often demonstrating leaf-like features and unique surface details achieved through original techniques and treatments. The character of a gemstone, according to Beth, is the most important thing and it therefore determines the metal and shape of her designs, many of which are incorporated into bespoke engagement rings.

Goldsmiths' Fair exhibitors Serena Fox, Mirri Damer, Jessica Poole and Beth Gilmour

Goldsmiths’ Fair exhibitors Serena Fox, Mirri Damer, Jessica Poole and Beth Gilmour

Ornella Iannuzzi

Ornella Iannuzzi has a passion for opals and often integrates these mystical gemstones in jewellery designs that resemble coral structures and other natural phenomena.

Ruth Tomlinson

Looking at Ruth Tomlinson’s jewellery collection is like peeking into a treasure trove. Her non-traditional work often features antique or natural diamonds set in unexpected and rather ‘spontaneous’ settings. Her pieces are particularly attractive to the less conventional couple searching for an engagement ring.

Stepan Terteryan

Designer Stepan Terteryan’s work stands out from the crowd partly for its filigree work and partly for its stunning and stylistic forms and shapes. His engagement ring designs are often clearly floral-inspired and befitting of their romantic symbolism.

David McCaul

For those who love simple yet classic settings combined with unusual and dazzling stones, David McCaul is the go-to designer. A range of conceptual influences, from Scandinavian minimalism to Art Nouveau, which all clearly leave their mark on the end result, inspires his designs.

Goldsmiths' Fair exhibitors Ornella Iannuzzi, Ruth Tomlinson, Stepan Terteryan and David McCaul

Goldsmiths’ Fair exhibitors Ornella Iannuzzi, Ruth Tomlinson, Stepan Terteryan and David McCaul

Here at F&L Designers we are very proud to say all the designers featured above are part of our growing community of bespoke designers who have joined us on our fascinating journey. Taking us along the ‘going bespoke’ path towards offering the British market a fabulous choice of engagement ring designers, this journey brings exciting new members around every corner.

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