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Jun. 9 2014
The F&L Designer News Room

Jeweller Inspired by Botany is Newest Member of F&L Designer Guides

Farah Qureshi has recently joined F&L Designer Guides as one of their featured designers. The world of botany and jewellery meet in Farah’s creations.
Engagement rings by Farah Qureshi

Engagement rings by Farah Qureshi

Farah Qureshi is one of the latest designers to join the F&L Designer Guides’ list of the UK’s top bespoke engagement ring designers featuring a showcase of her work online. This online ‘go-to guide’ for couples seeking original and unique bespoke rings is the perfect home for Farah due to her skilful metalwork techniques and exquisite designs inspired by her love of botany and nature.

As many commentators noted at this year’s Jewellery and Watch Show Birmingham there was a noticeable trend growing of jewellery featuring the animals and direct influence from the natural world. Farah Qureshi takes this inspiration one step further beyond the obvious and looks to the world of the microscopic.

Farah’s designs reflect her attraction to diverse sources of inspiration, but her fascination and passion for the patterns found in botanical gardens in particular has led to the creation of some of her most exquisite work. This designer’s creative curiosity about nature and her chaotic patterns extended to a study of the world of microscopic algae. Even this smallest conception of the natural world inspired Farah and its influence can be seen beautifully in her jewellery designs.

It was Farah’s unique translation of such sources of inspiration that caught F&L Designer Guides attention. Farah Qureshi, by being hand selected by F&L joins an elite group of top bespoke designers featured on the online portal. The Guides’ purpose and goal is to create greater public awareness of the extent of Britain’s talent and skill in the jewellery industry.

Bespoke engagement rings are no longer a luxury afforded only by the rich and famous. Commissioning an engagement ring from designers like Farah is not only affordable and accessible but will also guarantee a completely original and unique piece created just for you. F&L Designer Guides is not only bringing this information to the public but is also a vehicle to empower independent designers to create the successful business model their talent deserves.

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