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Sep. 26 2014
The F&L Designer News Room

Introducing Serena Fox to The F&L Designer Guides Community

Introducing Serena Fox to the community of F&L Designer Guides has caused much excitement. Eclectic, alternative and bespoke, she is set to make waves!
Ocean Foam ring with Aqua & Opal in 18 ct gold by Serena Fox

Ocean Foam ring with Aqua & Opal in 18 ct gold by Serena Fox

There was no denying the excitement and great anticipation that spread through the office at F&L Designer Guides when they heard that Serena Fox would be joining their community of talented jewellery designers.

The fabulous collections created by this designer include pieces that are almost fluid in their design, and Serena herself makes no secret of the elements of inspiration she beautifully combines when making jewellery. Focussing on grace and flow to evoke an illusion of movement in every piece, Serena works with gold, platinum and silver, although the classic yellow gold is what excites her the most.

Delicately handcrafted rings arouse thoughts of the perpetuating circle of life, while necklaces are designed with droplets, drapes and natural curves to conjure up imaginings of romance, delicacy and feminism. L, of F&L Designer Guides says: “I was completely seduced by Serena Fox’s collections that combine so perfectly the most beautiful elements of nature with a contemporary beat. She designs and makes so intuitively, taking advantage of modern technology only to create the elegant finished piece that, judging by her commissions, so perfectly suits any lady wanting to show off her femininity”.

Bespoke commissions are part of Serena Fox’s repertoire and she works closely with clients to create their perfect piece of jewellery. Using wax carvings of her intricate patterns she then skilfully transforms them, using her expert metal working talent, into one-off masterpieces that each tell their own unique and special story.

For F&L, there was one specific element of Serena’s Jewellery that really stood out; Serena Fox is well known as a lover of the rare and precious Paraiba Tourmaline, one of the more unusual gemstones used in engagement rings. Her refreshing approach to this stunning stone, with its spirited colour range that encompasses all vivid shades of green and blue, has seen it being incorporated in the most extraordinary creations, and as the ideal alternative to sapphire. Only recently discovered in Brazil, the Paraiba Tourmaline has become a feature of many of the exclusive pieces Serena Fox has delighted us with. But it is not just this precious stone that inspires her; other often overlooked and ignored beauties have found their way into Serena’s collections too, including the mint tourmaline and yellow beryl.

L goes on to comment: “we, at F&L Designer Guides are on a journey of discovery and every new designer we meet takes us around another corner or through another door. Serena Fox, who has given us a glimpse into her world in which she lets her designs be led by unusual stones, is a real asset to the online publication, and a lady we are proud to have as a member of our ever expanding community”.

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