Feb. 28 2014
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Independent Engagement Ring Designer Makes It to the Small Screen

An independent jeweller’s handcrafted designs recently found success on the TV Soap Coronation Street. Bespoke engagement ring designers and jewellers will all benefit from the deserved publicity.
Coronation Street set by Andrea_44, used under a Creative Commons licence (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/)

The set of Coronation Street, where Alison Wade’s work was endorsed.

Independent jewellers and bespoke engagement ring designers can rejoice as yet another of their kinsman has reached the dizzying heights of success through celebrity endorsement and product placement. The latest recipient of the limelight and darling of the TV Soap Coronation Street is Alison Wade, a jewellery maker found in the heart of Lincolnshire in Grimsby, UK.

Alison Wade’s newest high-profile ‘customer’ is the soap opera’s character Tina McIntyre (played by Michelle Keegan) who, as the storyline goes, was given one of Ms Wade’s bangles as a gift from bad-boy and adulterer Peter Barlow.

Alison Wade, of Alice Wade Jewellery, sells a range of handcrafted sterling silver and gold items including bangles, necklaces, rings and earrings from her Facebook based shop. Each item is handmade in her portable studio at home which has proved extremely successful since her dramatic career change from working in the Grimsby Magistrate’ Court for 17 years.

Talent Can Be Found Throughout the UK

Ms Wade’s talent is not alone. The UK is home to an amazing number of talented bespoke engagement ring designers and independent jewellery makers, but the key is to know where to find them. The F&L Designer Guides highlights many of these artists found based in London and in the North such as Robert Feather of Yorkshire.

Sadly, not too many are fortunate enough to have their exquisite craftsmanship given the limelight it deserves in the way Alison Wade has. However, her courageous leap of faith appears to have paid off. Self-confessed Corrie fan Alison simply took the advice of her sister and contacted the producers of the show, Granada. Alison said: “I asked the head of costume if they would be interested in buying anything to use in the soap. She later contacted me and asked if I would send a couple of items for a couple of the characters which I did.”

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