May. 30 2014
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F&L Designer Guides Hosts a Breakfast of Champions

The F&L Designer Guides and 13 of their featured bespoke engagement ring designers met recently over breakfast for a morning of creative collaboration.
F&L, founders of the F&L Designer Guides, made it their mission to promote their favourite engagement ring designers

F&L, founders of the F&L Designer Guides, made it their mission to promote their favourite engagement ring designers

The recent launch of the specialised online engagement ring website called F&L Designer Guides has brought the world of the bespoke into the spotlight. The creators of the site and 13 of its featured designers met recently for what became a brainstorming session held over a power breakfast of champions.

With all the creative energy and enthusiasm that was brought to the event by those involved the delicious coffee, tea and cakes were hardly needed to wake everyone up. The breakfast meet and greet was primarily organised as a brainstorming opportunity for the designers and the people behind the site promoting their talented work to discuss the F&L Designer Guides’ future potential and directional growth.

This creative meeting of minds quickly became both a business and social event as the 13 designers who attended had the opportunity to meet and mingle with their fellow designers and discuss all the similar, and different, experiences they have had as small to medium enterprises in the jewellery industry. All of the F&L Designer Guides’ members at the Breakfast Meeting have enjoyed great personal and creative success shown by numerous awards and accolades. Now with the marketing expertise and passion provided by this new specialised online portal their talent will be brought to the attention of the public at larger.

The F&L Designer Guides offer their hand-selected favourite bespoke designer-makers a unique opportunity to learn about self-promotion with the utilisation of a greater online presence, SEO understanding and methods of creating a higher profile in online search engines and direct outreach to their target audience. The collaboration between the designers and F&L will be a unique, and ever evolving partnership of creative growth that will empower the designers to become more knowledgeable about marketing their small business and enormous talent, thus consequently bring about the success they deserve.

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