Sep. 15 2014
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F&L Designer Guides Eagerly Anticipate Goldsmiths’ Fair

The annual Goldsmiths’ Fair is one of the most prestigious jewellery events of the year. The F&L team is attending. Why not treat yourself to a fabulous day out too?
F&L's members exhibiting on this year's Goldsmiths' Fair.

F&L’s members exhibiting on this year’s Goldsmiths’ Fair.

F&L Designer Guides are enthusiastically anticipating their visit to this year’s Goldsmiths’ Fair (Sept 22nd to Oct 5th), one of the most internationally acclaimed celebrations of British gold and silversmithing talent. Held in the stunning Goldsmiths’ Hall, the event is housed in sumptuous, lavish surroundings that befit its distinct atmosphere of creativity and inspiration beautifully. The F&L Designer Guides team highly recommends this event as a treasure trove for couples who want to find a designer for their unique engagement ring.

Many of the designer members featured in F&L Designer Guides, such as Beth Gilmour and Ornella Iannuzzi will be there and the F&L team are looking forward to catching up with them, as well as hoping to invite many more new and talented jewellers to join their iconic engagement ring community. F, the founder of F&L Designer Guides believes, “The Goldsmiths’ Fair is one of the best places to absorb yourself in the greatest of British contemporary jewellery design. It epitomises bespoke, individuality and innovation, all of the qualities that we at F&L Designer Guides hold strong in our ethos.” L adds, “This event is a real highlight for us as we have the opportunity to stay up to date with all the new and upcoming artists, their handmade collections and their extraordinary bespoke design ideas.”

Goldsmiths’ Fair 2014 is set to be as successful as its predecessors, and the panel of experts responsible for curating the event have done a wonderful job, as always, in selecting some exceptional design talent. Exhibitors are an eclectic mixture of high profile, experienced designers and recent graduates, keen to display their innovative collections and promote the ever-increasing wealth of new talent in the jewellery world.

As you enter the event you will be enveloped by its electric atmosphere, which in its 31 years has never waned. Sharing the F&L belief that there’s more to design and jewellery than the mass-produced High Street products, Goldsmiths celebrates the pieces here that demonstrate exquisite skill, individual craftsmanship and a bespoke element that is the perfect antithesis to commercialised gold and silversmithing.

Why not come and join this year’s Goldsmiths’ Fair? Open to the public and trade alike, it is the ultimate place to meet engagement ring designers whom F&L like best. For more info, click here:

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