Oct. 15 2014
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F&L Designer Guides Discover Talent in Trieste

The F&L Designer Guides team love the idea of encouraging young designers. When they heard about the competition held in Trieste they were very interested.

F&L Designer Guides were very impressed when they heard about the success of the global design competition held in Trieste initiated by International Talent Support. The unassuming venue gave nothing away, but on digging deeper it became clear that this event deserved recognition.

Not only is it a treasure trove of new, young, and undiscovered designers who are given the opportunity to shine, but it is also a proactive institution spear-headed by one of its major sponsors, Swarovski. This famous design house got involved because they want to help offer visibility, support, and a platform from which up and coming designers can be heard.

F, from F&L Designer Guides was most taken with the concept and admitted that he was surprised to hear that there were 100 entries for the Jewellery Award in 2014, and from 33 different countries. He says: “It is so exciting to hear about the enthusiasm for bespoke designs, and here at F&L Designer Guides we can’t wait to see which names make it in the industry. I hope to see some of them joining us in our community of designers in the future.” His hope is definitely a realistic one, as the designers welcomed to enter the competition were all judged with an emphasis on each piece’s bespoke design, the designer’s innovation, and the willingness to push boundaries.

There was no clout given to commercial viability, which to many was refreshing.

L goes on to add: “These designers are forging their own careers in this very competitive world and it is wonderful to see them gain so much support. The idea of fresh and open-minded designs is befitting of the concepts we at F&L Designer Guides aim to promote.”

Entrants to the award must be BA or MA students in their final year of a relevant subject. They have to prepare a comprehensive portfolio that contains artistic sketches of a five-piece collection, one special proposal for the Swarovski Jewellery Award, an explanation of their concept and their CV.

The two winners this year, Israeli-born Lior Shulak and Noriko Nakazato who entered from Japan, were chosen because of their exquisite designs that brandished clashing colours, raw textures and new materials.

While one designer creates more geometrically and with an unobvious flair, the other has an eclectic touch that encompasses colour, fire and crystalsBoth, however, encompassed the ‘Lucid Dream’ theme that was designated as the marked concept of the thirteenth event, and interpreted it in their own unique way.

Does the daydreamer have control over their conscious mind?

That is the question designers were asked to portray in their designs and this had the desired effect of moving every one of them to think outside the box that is governed by the limits imposed by conventional precious metals and gemstones. As a result, the pieces produced enhanced creativity and personality and pushed commercialism into the corner. In fact many of these pieces may never make the mainstream. “Something we, at F&L designer Guides, are very pleased about,” F tells us.

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