Apr. 9 2014
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Attending Made in Clerkenwell Show Provides Many Benefits

The upcoming Made in Clerkenwell event is an exciting opportunity for both the public and bespoke engagement ring designers.
Some of F&L’s Favourite Designers, including Catherine Mannheim, will attend the Made in Clerkenwell event as well

Some of F&L’s Favourite Designers, including Catherine Mannheim, will attend the Made in Clerkenwell event as well

The fast approaching Made in Clerkenwell event, being hosted by Craft Central on May 15th through to the 18th, will prove to be a win-win situation for all involved. Craft Central will be opening up their two fascinating Victorian studio buildings in the heart of Clerkenwell for the show, and each building will be full of craft and design delights for visitors to peruse as well as purchase.

However, not only are the public and the designers themselves getting excited about the creative Made in Clerkenwell event, but so are the F&L Designer Guides. F&L will be exploring the talent and creative offerings of bespoke engagement ring designers exhibiting at the event in the hopes of adding to their exclusive collection of favourites. F&L Designer Guides is one of the few online publications that focuses on independent bespoke engagement ring designers. The group offers advertising and marketing platforms as well as training and support for the talented artists who make it to their ‘favourites’ list.

A Truly Unique Event

Made in Clerkenwell is a truly unique and exciting exhibition offering visitors the chance to browse, shop and find one-of-a-kind handmade treasures. The focus of the event is to showcase the products created by the UKs top 100 designer-makers including fashion, jewellery, ceramics, bespoke design services and much much more. The most popular feature of Made in Clerkenwell is the exclusive opportunity to see these talented artists actually work their magic in the studio and meet them personally.

Made in Clerkenwell is a consumer’s and designer’s paradise. Visitors will find unique items that are handcrafted both skilfully and with passion. Designers welcome this opportunity to showcase their work and interact with potential clients. Many positive outcomes, beyond a wonderful day out, come from this singular exhibition. In particular, bespoke engagement ring designers can utilise this opportunity to network and meet groups such as F&L Designer Guides who will help promote their business and gain them the recognition their talent deserves.

So mark your calendar and don’t miss this amazing collection of artists and their exquisite creations located at Made in Clerkenwell, May15th through the 18th.

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