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Mar. 20 2015
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CJ Poupazis Launch Mysterious Collection Tulip

On 20 March 2015, the day of the eclipse, Chris and Joy Poupazis launch an unusual black engagement ring design with mysterious, exotic symbolism.

On the 20th of March 2015, the day of the total solar eclipse, bespoke jewellery designers Chris and Joy Poupazis launched an unusual customisable ring design baptised Collection Tulip. The first piece of the collection is a captivating black engagement ring, featuring a 2ct black diamond centre stone held in its place by four diamond-encrusted petals in white gold. With its smooth, yellow gold ring band, this unique creation is a delight to behold, but there is more to the ring than meets the eye.

Collection Tulip by CJ Poupazis

Exotic Inspiration

Chris and Joy, the faces behind the brand CJ Poupazis, are known to get their creative inspiration from a wide range of subjects including myths, symbols and fairytales, and Collection Tulip is no exception. The cultivation of tulips originated in Persia, and Chris and Joy Poupazis were inspired by the ancient empire’s exotic stories of passion and adventure when they created this black tulip engagement ring design.

The Symbolism of the Black Tulip

The black tulip symbolises justice and tolerance, but is also represents the most perfect and divine love that exists between two people. The value of the tulip is furthermore illustrated by its history – in 17th century Holland people paid as much as 10 times the annual income of a skilled worker for a single bulb. All these historic and symbolic details were kept in mind by the Poupazis’ when they finished and launched the final piece on the day the sun was totally obscured by the passage of the moon.

Having joined the F&L Designer Guides community of engagement ring designers in February 2015 after a couple of years’ break from jewellery designing, CJ Poupazis are fully energised and ready to promote their business, in particular their bespoke work, with the help of F&L. The customisable Collection Tulip, which can be commissioned with any kind of metal and gemstone as well as with 4 or 6 petals, makes for a perfect kick start to their new venture.

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