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Vintage Styles are Becoming the Modern Choice

Feb. 19 2014
The latest trend among brides is a return to the old-school look of a vintage engagement ring. It seems that the classic styles never go out of fashion.

I love the fact that Kay and I are so different. I am not a girly girl but I do enjoy the odd gossip and occasional bit of pampering. Kay is doing her Indian Head Massage course at the moment and came over to practice the other day.

F found it highly amusing when he walked in on us with the lights dimmed and the candles lit and me wedged between two pillows on the floor while Kay worked her magic. He was even more amused when we had finished and my hair had that frightening look of the 1980 Dallas stars on a bad day.

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Relaxing with Kay brought us to a conversation about the timelessness of vintage rings

Kay told us how important massage was and reminded us that the ancient arts were always the best and would never really go out of fashion. She also alluded to the fact that this was the same with vintage engagement rings and I guess she was right.

I thought about how artists and craftspeople of the past spent much more time in developing their craft and how, potentially, this could make the final product more worthy and more meaningful.

History Repeating

There is no denying that, in terms of fashion and fads, history repeats itself and the trends of the jewellery world are no exception. Royalty and celebrities are once again in love with the classic style of a vintage engagement ring.

The term ‘vintage’ is not only used to describe an old ring, but is more often used to describe a ring design that either replicates or shows the influences of the styles popular in days gone by.

Thanks to Kate Middleton, Scarlett Johansson and many other fashion-conscious celebrities currently sporting the coveted vintage engagement ring, the popularity and demand for period style pieces has exploded.

Timeless Elegance With a Modern Twist

Jewellers these days have cleverly developed design techniques to combine the timeless elegance of a vintage engagement ring with more modern cuts and settings. Popular vintage features such as the Old European round style and Platinum settings are definitely making a comeback, while more traditional cuts of stone are also now being used to make any vintage engagement ring look truly authentic.

Vintage-inspired ring by Sophie Breitmeyer

Vintage-inspired ring by Sophie Breitmeyer

The reappearance of older cut styles reflects the modern bride’s admiration of the elegance and romance of period pieces. The cushion stone cut that was so popular decades ago is back in demand due to the brilliance it adds to a vintage engagement ring, and the charming femininity of the vintage pear shaped cut is also showing a growth in popularity.

The unique shape of the pear gives the stone a much larger appearance than its actual carat weight, making it even more of an appealing option for some ladies. A modern twist on a vintage engagement ring can also be seen in the emerald cut diamond that offers an elegant, classic style complemented by sleek modern lines and an enhanced appearance of the size of the stone itself.

A Piece of History

Vintage engagement rings are back and Kay is full of enthusiasm, as am I. Owning a genuine vintage ring is to own a piece of history and is a special symbol of romance and charm. She suggests we head down to the antique jewellery shop that her friend had told her about to get some ideas.

I could see F wanted to join, but he knew that Kay and I were on a mission, so he resigned himself to staying home with Lemon tree, if only just this time.


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