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Put a Little Gatsby Glamour Into your Engagement Ring

Feb. 19 2014
The opulent and glamorous jewellery featured in the movie ‘The Great Gatsby’ stole the show. Vintage engagement rings are now all the rage.

Snuggled up the other night, F said he had a surprise for me. He knew I loved Baz Lurhmann’s recent movie ‘The Great Gatsby’ and that I had seen it more than a few times, but because I loved it so much, he knew I always wanted to watch it again.

Despite the movie overflowing with eye-candy, aka DiCaprio, the jewellery was what turned my head. In true Lurhmann fashion, the movie was a feast for the eyes with brilliant colour and vivid imagery from the beginning to end, but I am not sure that all the credit can go to Luhrmann’s signature directorial style.

The movie’s costume director, Catherine Martin, stayed true to the stylistic character of the period, especially with regard to the jewellery, and left any budding engagement ring buyer with inspiration in abundance for vintage engagement ring ideas.

watched this week by irina slutsky, used under a Creative Commons License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode)

The ‘old’ Great Gatsby movie had a somewhat more subtle way of representing the fashion of the time

Decadence and Extravagance

The roaring 20s’ was a period of opulence and decadence. Vintage engagement rings embodied all of the trends in fashion and design, as well as the social attitudes of the time. Brides-to-be were rejecting the understated, demur styles of the previous decade and began to demand shimmering, colourful, jewel-encrusted rings that screamed pure glamour.

I laughed when we got to the part in film when Daisy defiantly implies that there is no such thing as too many jewels and while I could never imagine being brave enough to step out in one of the iconic sparkling, pearl laden, diamond-studded headpieces of the day, I did love the stunningly extravagant bracelets and breath-taking necklaces.

As we watched the film, I could see F taking mental notes about the rings and other bits of jewellery that he could take inspiration from. I even thought I saw him sketching on his serviette that was poised on the arm of the couch.

Vintage-style Engagement Rings

The stylistic characteristics of vintage engagement rings are definitely striking, and with influences drawn from Cubism, Russia, Paris, the Orient and other exotic cultures there is no surprise that they are renowned for their uniqueness and detail.

Claw setting vintage ring by David McLoughlin

Claw setting vintage ring by David McLoughlin

Geometric shapes and angular patterns are a signature feature of these rings with Old European cut diamonds typically taking centre stage. The popularity of having vividly coloured stones to surround the centrepiece evidently did take off, with the result providing a brilliant contrast to the traditional white diamond.

Rings With a Price Tag

Vintage engagement rings were, and still are, highly priced due to their skilled, handcrafted detail. Combining top quality and opulent features also brought impressive price tags to the jewellery stage.

In the film, Daisy rejects her future husband’s wedding gift of a $350,000 gorgeous string of pearls (worth about $4 million today) by tossing them in the bin, which, although the necklace carried much more than just a monetary significance in the story, is a poignant symbolic gesture that is not wasted on the audience.

A Great Revival

Vintage engagement rings are growing in popularity these days, as this article can confirm. Scarlett Johansson and Hayden Panettiere have both recently been seen sporting these stylistic sparklers presented to them by their respective beaus.

We have talked about a vintage engagement ring but I am not sure if we would opt for an authentic old ring or one that incorporates a vintage style but is designed in a modern way. Watching The Great Gatsby, though, leaves me inspired, enthused and more motivated than ever to find my perfect ring.


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