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The Perfect Ring for the Personality

Feb. 19 2014
Look beyond the mainstream and consider a vintage engagement ring. Finding the perfect ring to suit her personality will make it priceless.

In the office today, one of the girls said she had joined a group on some kind of social media site that would help her choose the right engagement ring to suit her personality.

I was only half listening but was a little intrigued, especially as recently we had been talking a lot about vintage engagement rings. What would a vintage engagement ring tell you about someone? Why does a big part of me feel inspired by the thought of wearing a vintage engagement ring?

While I was enjoying the packed lunch that F had made me, accompanied by a little note cut into the shape of a heart that had got soaked in the salad dressing, I thought about my personality and what a vintage engagement ring might tell other people about me.

I Love You by Jessica Diamond, Used under a Creative Commons License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode)

The sweet note that F left in my lunch box


The simple idea of a classic vintage engagement ring appeals to me mainly because of the individual nature of the ring, but I soon realised that it was more than that. I try to be as eco-friendly as I can, and when I thought about the fact that a vintage engagement ring with a diamond, for example, would be conflict free, I started to connect with the humanitarian in me.

Diamonds are mined excessively these days in order to meet demands, and we all know that this has led to the blood diamond issue and the unethical way that mining is carried out. Sourcing ethical jewellery (for example jewellery made of Fairtrade gold) can be much more difficult today, whereas vintage engagement rings are free of this burden.


I know that Millie always says I should let the romantic girl in me out more often, but the truth is that that girl is in there somewhere and she loves the idea of a ring designed in the style of a by-gone era.

The jewellery crafted throughout the different ages of history beautifully reflects the best artistic skills of the day and the exuberance of the society at the time. From the simple elegance of the Victorian era to the dazzling and glamorous Art Deco creations of the 1920s, each one carries a story within and I can’t deny how much that enchants me.

Large vintage diamond ring by Sophie Breitmeyer

Large vintage diamond ring by Sophie Breitmeyer


“Brilliant at science and not so brilliant at art”, was something I used to hear my mum say to her friends when I was at school, but thanks to my friends and F in particular, I have found that my artistic appreciation has developed with maturity.

A vintage engagement ring can be found in a wide array of dazzling and vivid colours, designed in styles that are fun and playful and yet classy and elegant. Art Deco rings with geometric patterns and sparkling diamonds were frequently accented with stunning coloured gems, creating eye-catching contrasts and my newly learned appreciation of art relishes these options.

An Eye for Detail

One of the most distinguishing features of a vintage engagement ring is the exquisite craftsmanship that adorns each individual ring. Elaborate filigree patterns, varying prong style and hand-carved engravings make each ring a piece of art in itself and while art may be more F’s forte, the artistic appeal, as well as the science behind the craft of the vintage engagement ring, is a draw for me.

When I finished my lunch, I went back to the office enlightened. I had really thought not only about what I liked in a ring, but also about why I liked a ring. This demonstrated to me that the ring I eventually chose would actually say something about me, and it would tell the people around me about the kind of people F and I are as well as what we want to convey in our relationship.


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