Yellow Sapphire Engagement Ring

Feb. 20 2014
Thinking about a yellow diamond? Try a yellow sapphire engagement ring instead.

F and I are definitely in pursuit of that elusive, ‘unique’ looking engagement ring. Although we appreciate the beauty of the traditional white diamond style, I have always known that I wanted a ring that had great personal meaning to me and, as an added bonus, would really stand out from the crowd.

One look that we had not given much thought to was the yellow sapphire engagement ring. However, I came across a picture in a dog magazine (of all places!) while I was waiting for Lemon Tree to finish having her nails cut.

I was speechless. This yellow sapphire engagement ring was simply gorgeous.

The ring in question happened to belong to Heidi Klum and I was actually mistaken. The ring featured a yellow diamond, not a yellow sapphire. I soon found out that it was a 10 carat yellow diamond that cost over £90,000.00! I was, once again, speechless, but now for a whole new reason.

The Yellow Sapphire’s Advantages

After further research, I discovered that many people, hoping for a ring that looked similar to Ms Klum’s stunner, opted for the more affordable, yet equally dazzling yellow sapphire. The reason behind a yellow sapphire’s lower price point simply comes down to less demand. You can read about how to spot a genuine yellow sapphire here.

Ironically, a yellow sapphire engagement ring has a lot going for it and has many similarities to the fancy, and very pricy, yellow diamond. Yellow sapphires are exotic-looking, sophisticated stones, and seem to compliment any skin tone. Their durability is second only to a diamond and they can be cut into any shape that a diamond can.

Subject to Higher Standards

However, a yellow sapphire engagement ring will have a stone that is of a different standard. Yellow sapphires naturally have fewer inclusions than other coloured sapphires and are therefore held to a much higher clarity standard than their siblings.

Yellow sapphire by Keith Gordon

Yellow sapphire by Keith Gordon

This quality standard can also be found in relation to the stone’s cut. Given that rough yellow sapphires are usually less costly than their blue or pink counterparts, most cutters are reluctant to compromise brilliance in favour of weight retention. Consequently, a well-cut yellow sapphire engagement ring is easier to find than other sapphire colours.

Yellow sapphires are also ideal candidates for more specialised and intricate cuts, such as the radiant cut.

The affordability of a yellow sapphire makes it possible to invest in the higher grades of stone available and also leaves room for additional personalisation or multiple stones to be added to the ring. In the end you really can have your cake and eat it by choosing a yellow sapphire engagement ring.


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