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White Sapphire Engagement Rings

Feb. 20 2014
A diamond or a dazzling white sapphire engagement ring? Are they really that different?

One of the things I truly love about working with our Favourite Designers is their infectious enthusiasm and passion for what they do. None of them do this as a job, this is their way of life and they pour their heart and soul into every masterpiece they create.

One of the areas of the industry that seems to unite their passion concerns the issue of conflict diamonds. They all seem so committed to the movement towards conflict-free diamonds and are extremely knowledgeable about all sorts of diamond alternatives. One of their favourite alternatives is the white sapphire engagement ring.

The Pure White Sapphire

Sapphires, from the corundum family of minerals, are available in a range of colours: blue, pink, purple and yellow (the red ones are rubies.) The colours depend on different elements contained in the gem that affect the hue; the clear or white varieties contain no impurities. A white sapphire engagement ring makes for a perfect alternative to a diamond as the visual similarities are almost exact.

The advantages of choosing a white sapphire engagement ring over a diamond one are fairly significant.

Most people are initially drawn to a white sapphire due to the fact that they are a much more affordable option. Strangely enough, white sapphires are in fact very rare, even rarer than diamonds. However, due to the lower demand for them in the marketplace, they are consequently less costly.

Choosing a white sapphire can prove to be an extremely savvy financial decision as it can enable you to purchase larger or higher quality gems, or even allocate more of your budget towards additional stones, specialised settings or personalised engravings.

The rings by Patrik Neckman, used under a Creative Commons License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode)

Cutting costs on overly expensive diamonds leaves financial room for things as personalised engravings

A white sapphire engagement ring has all the benefits of its more commonly known blue cousin. Sapphires are an extremely hard gem so the potential for being damaged is minimised, which is very important given that this is a ring that is meant to be worn every day.

Beautiful Symbolism

Beyond the practicalities of durability and finances also lays the beautiful and heartfelt symbolism of a sapphire. The white sapphire represents faithfulness, joy, devotion and sincerity. A white sapphire engagement ring signifies a long and lasting relationship, full of all characteristics hoped for in a happy marriage.

Although a white sapphire engagement ring is a wonderful alternative to a diamond, it actually offers enough advantages to be an excellent first choice in its own right. I do not believe that the white sapphire’s fairly low profile is due to lack of popularity at all. These stones are so frequently mistaken for diamonds that their true identity is just never brought up.

However, with a little further investigating, I image that most people would agree that the white sapphire holds its own very well and is worthy of many more future accolades.


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