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A Three Stone Ring offers a Traditional and Modern Look

Feb. 20 2014
Sapphire engagement rings when arranged in a three stone setting are extraordinarily elegant. Most gems compliment a sapphire beautifully.

Sapphire engagement rings, diamond solitaires, vintage rings, halo settings and cushion cuts are but a few of the terms that L and I have become extremely familiar with since embarking on our quest for the perfect ring. And yet there are times that L begins to feel somewhat overwhelmed with the sheer number of choices available.

The idea of taking a step back to actually consider what we both simply find aesthetically pleasing, sometimes seems to get forgotten along the way. I suggested that perhaps we could consider a three-stone engagement ring as a way of getting the best of all that is available, while also narrowing it down to just our top three favourite gems.

Three stone diamond ring by Robert Feather

Three stone diamond ring by Robert Feather

The beauty of a three-stone ring design is its amazing versatility when it comes to customisation and adding detailed touches. Every bride, L included, wants their ring to be unique and stand out from the crowd. A three stone setting offers a combination of opulence and simplicity.

It is still glamorous, without being ostentatious.

A three stone engagement ring can be a blank canvas for you to work on. Certain cuts of stone and prong settings suit the three stone styles best, which will help narrow down the mind -boggling array of choices out there.

Choosing Complementing Gems

With three stones to work with, you can introduce a variety of spectacular coloured gems to make the ring really stunning. For example, sapphire engagement rings are even more spectacular when the deep blue centre stone is cushioned on either side by dazzling white diamonds.

Selecting your three stones should be based on how their cuts and colours complement each other. Some will work and others won’t. If you can, consult with a custom jeweller who will have the skill and the artistic ability to advise you through the process.

If sapphire engagement rings are not your favourite you could consider rubies, emeralds or even a fiery topaz. This can be your opportunity to customise the engagement ring to your beloved’s personality.

A more understated, but still breath-taking look can be created with opals. An opal’s milky white appearance comes alive with flashes of dazzling blue, red and orange streaks when tilted in the light.

Reflecting the Wearer’s Personality

Try to choose a gem that reflects your sweetheart’s everyday style. A more outgoing personality might choose a brilliantly vibrant ruby or emerald, whereas a more conservative bride could prefer the classic elegance of a pearl.

Sapphire engagement rings have grown in popularity since Kate Middleton and Halle Berry have been seen wearing stunning examples of the stone. Celebrities and Hollywood significantly influence today’s jewellery designs and brides take note as well.

Sapphire diamond ring by gemteck1, used under a Creative Commons License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode)

Blue sapphires: famous amongst celebrities as well

If your fashion-forward girlfriend is taken by these designs but still wants to avoid a copy-cat version, it is possible to take her favourite elements of a celebrity ring and customise them into a three stone setting. You can then change or keep the stone colours, choose the band colour and even add personal touches such as engravings.

Thus, a perfectly unique ring will be created that has just as much Hollywood glamour but with the addition of priceless sentimental value.

A World of Opportunity

So much detail can be put into a three stone engagement ring affecting the colour, cut, size and setting. Sapphire engagement rings, stunning rubies, brilliant emeralds and exotic opals are all enhanced by the setting.

Unfortunately, hypothesising about choosing a three stone setting did not help us make any decisions at all. It simply opened up another exciting world of design options which are impossible to ignore!


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