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The Most Famous Sapphire Engagement Ring

Feb. 20 2014
Historically, one sapphire engagement ring stands above them all. Find out which in the article below!

L and I have a love-hate relationship with the gym. However, one of the very slim silver linings I find when we do go, is my opportunity to indulge in a secret pleasure.

While trudging along on the treadmill, I enjoy taking a quick peak at those ‘trashy’ women’s magazines. Ok, sometimes it is discreetly set inside a newspaper or Sports Weekly, but I swear I learn quite a few interesting titbits of information from these quality publications.

One article in particular gave me all I ever needed to know about a sapphire engagement ring similar to the one L and I had been admiring.

Celebrity Exposure

Partially because of celebrity exposure and partly for historic or purely visual reasons, other stones, beyond the traditional diamond, have secured their popularity as engagement ring toppers with the help of some key figures throughout history.
Emerald engagement rings, for example, or sapphire engagement rings, still constitute a popular alternative to the diamond, even in an age where new and more offbeat types of rings consistently land on the market.

Again, one of the main reasons behind these classic jewels maintaining their appeal in seemingly timeless fashion might have to do with celebrity endorsement and the exposure which results thereof.

In this regard, few types of jewel can claim to have as good a position on the market as the sapphire engagement ring. While passing celebrities such as Kim Kardashian regularly help give diamond jewellery a boost, sapphire rings calmly sit on their perch, above all other types of jewels, and look down on their contenders, safe in the knowledge that their celebrity is one of the most timeless in all of history.

Lady Di’s Sapphire Engagement Ring

For you see, the main party responsible for putting the sapphire engagement ring on the map was none other than Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales and one of the most eternally beloved celebrities beside Marilyn Monroe (with whom her story shares certain similarities).

Backside The Royal Wedding - HRH Prince Of Wales Prince Charles & Lady Diana Spencer - BBC Recording from St.Paul's Cathedral on 29th of July 1981 by hans thijs, used under a Creative Commons License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode)

Prins Charles and Princess Diana with the most famous sapphire of all

Jewellers marketing this type of jewel can therefore rest assured:

as long as they have a connection with Diana, sapphires are sure to never go out of style as engagement ring toppers.

The ring in question was a whopping 18-carat sapphire engagement ring, which the former schoolteacher picked herself, on the occasion of her engagement to Prince Charles, in 1981. By doing so, Diana continued the British Royal Family’s long-standing relationship with sapphires, which dates back to medieval times and continues to exist to this day. A large sapphire is one of the centrepieces of the British crown jewels, for example.

Inherited by Kate and William

That tradition was carried on even further recently, when Princess Catherine (herself of common origin, and with a story which in part mirrors Diana’s own) married Prince William. The sapphire engagement ring the Prince chose to give his fiancée was the very same one his father had put on his mother’s finger thirty-one years previously, and which had stayed in the family after Diana’s untimely death.

Prince William & Kate Middleton by UK_repsome, used under a Creative Commons License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode)

Kate Middleton became the lucky inheritor of lady Di’s blue sapphire engagement ring

In this way, sapphires continue to have an incredibly strong celebrity endorsement, while not as popular or universally beloved as Diana, Catherine is also extremely well-liked, and the British Royal Family were able to carry on their traditional relationship with the jewel. And the sentiment behind the gesture warmed the Nation’s heart!

The article seemed to be quite correct in the assumption that, due to the fact that a very high standard for the sapphire engagement ring has been set by Diana and now Kate, these jewels are very unlikely to go out of fashion any time soon as brides continue to love the association.


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