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The Dual Personality of a Sapphire Engagement Ring

Aug. 21 2014

The beauty of Jana Reinhardts' sapphire rings lies in their dual personalities. Bold and daring yet dainty and delicate.

Although F believes that I am a complete traditionalist at heart I do have what I regard as a flamboyant and rebellious streak that simply needs to be expressed sometimes. This is probably why I am continually drawn to Jana Reinhardt’s Forsythia three stone sapphire engagement ring.

While Jana would not recreate the exact same ring for a bespoke commission, this piece is a testament to the scope of her skill and her creativity.

This exquisite combination of modern sculpture ring design with a classically elegant three stone arrangement becomes an explosively bold statement piece with the use of deep blue sapphire stone accents.

18 ct Sapphire Ring by Jana Reinhardt

18 ct Sapphire Ring by Jana Reinhardt

The sorts of rings, on a par with this one, that Jana designs really could be considered the ‘complete package’ of a modern bride’s desires. In this case the vibrant blue sapphires are held by delicately fashioned 18ct white gold flower petals in a lovely matte finish with shiny edges. The design is an elegant nod to the natural world, reminiscent of ocean waves, as well as the modern retro-chic style that has become so popular recently.

This sapphire engagement ring is the uniquely bold yet delicate look that many brides who want it all are looking for these days.

Reminiscent of the ocean, this striking 18ct white gold ring features three deep blue sapphires held by fabulous little flowers in a matte finish with shiny edges – so stylish!

The 4.5mm centre sapphire is flanked by two more 2mm bright blue sapphire gemstones. The intensity of the blue is beautiful and dazzling and full of mystery, you can almost see the waves!

Jana Reinhardt manages to conceptualise the depth of every couple’s love when she designs for any commission.


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