Pink Sapphires: Dazzling Centrepieces

Feb. 21 2014
Pink sapphires are the lesser known colour these gems come in. A pink engagement ring featuring them really stands out.

F laughed at me when he saw how excited and giddy I became when I was coincidently zapped by a documentary about a very special kind of engagement rings the other day. The featuring designer specialised in pink engagement rings, and from what flashed by on our TV screen of her work, we realised we were in for a real treat.

I zapped back to the channel and eagerly settled myself in front of the TV. Each one of the rings was exquisitely feminine and simply stunning. The designer turned out to have a particular interest in pink sapphires, and she obviously enjoyed explaining the virtues of these beautiful stones to her audience.

Adding a Bit of Colour

The designer proclaimed she thoroughly appreciated why the classic and most popularly sold engagement ring is a white diamond solitaire. However, she said she had been thrilled by the latest trend of adding a bit of colour to your ring to highlight your personality and individuality.

She proudly stated that she had always encouraged couples to think beyond the standard white diamond and regularly suggested them, for a fantastic and bright gem to adorn their pink engagement rings with, to try a pink sapphire.

9Ct rose gold ring set with pink sapphires by Daniel Gallie

9Ct rose gold ring set with pink sapphires by Daniel Gallie

Apparently, pink sapphires come in a range of shades, from demure light peach to hot bubblegum pink with purple undertones. The middle of the range, hot pink, is the most popular choice.

The gems are being used increasingly often to create pink engagement rings and are an affordable alternative to pink diamonds. Sapphires are the second hardest gemstones and therefore make an ideal engagement ring stone due to their durability.

Pink engagement rings ooze charm, class and femininity and the designer’s designs were an exceptional example of this. The stones looked great as a single solitaire or coupled with white diamonds or other gemstones to highlight their vibrant shade.

Legitimate Popularity

The popularity of pink sapphires may have something to do with pink diamonds featuring on many celebrity engagement rings. Or perhaps it’s the fact that the gem symbolises the sweet tenderness of love and romance.

I learned that some pink engagement rings hold sapphires that have had moderate heat treatments to enhance their colour (this is fairly common practice which just includes heating the gem for four hours), but this does not affect the unique characteristics of the gem and is very difficult for experts to spot.

The interviewed designer’s opinion and delightful designs showed that, if you are looking for a more affordable alternative to the insanely expensive and rare pink diamonds, sapphires might hold the answer for you. There are also other pink stone alternatives such as morganite and tourmaline, and a romantic pink engagement ring featuring any of these stones will be sure to thrill your bride-to-be.


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