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A Warm and Richly Glowing Ruby Engagement Ring

Jan. 27 2015
Catherine Mannheim’s ruby engagement ring is a testament to great jewellery design. Get inspired by Catherine’s unique style.

Catherine Mannheim loves to design jewellery that combines different kinds of precious metals – which consistently results in unusual and unique creations. When I saw this yellow and white gold ruby engagement ring, my heart sang with pleasure.

Ruby Engagement Ring by  Catherine Mannheim

Ruby Engagement Ring by Catherine Mannheim

Catherine’s design contains all the elements that I love in a ring. I have always felt an affinity with rubies and the way this one is set really brings out the richness and fire of this marvellous red stone. Also, the ingenious use of the white gold that is inlaid into the band on either side of the ruby has the effect of lifting and drawing attention to the central stone, giving it even more life and depth. Although I like highly polished gold, and who doesn’t, I am equally entranced by the soft, warm effect created by this gold band with its soft understated burnish.

A Deliberate Choice of Setting

The bezel setting is exactly right, in my opinion, for coloured stones, and the yellow gold that’s used for it adds depth and colour to the gem. A bezel setting protects the stone much better than a prong setting and if I had a ruby engagement ring resembling this design I would definitely want it to be safe and secure because I would be wearing it every day – or at least at every possible opportunity!

A Warm Effect

Engagement ring designer Catherine Mannheim is known for her inexhaustible flow of inspiration and her habit to continually stretch boundaries with her love of experimentation. If you are inspired by this unique creation and would like Catherine to design your own, one-off ruby engagement ring, make sure to get in touch with her!


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