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An Unusual and Distinctive Ruby Engagement Ring

Jan. 27 2015
Beth Gilmour’s unusual ruby engagement ring creates the unexpected from the extraordinary. Have a look at this inspiring piece.

Beth Gilmour has a talent for using gemstones that are not the run of the mill to create unique, distinct and quintessentially British jewellery. I love the way that, in this particular design, the light yellow of the gold compliments the slightly offbeat central stone of this gorgeous ruby engagement ring.

18ct yellow gold and Ruby Ring by Beth Gilmour

18ct yellow gold and Ruby Ring by Beth Gilmour

Usually, when we think of rubies, we think of the dark red ones but this particular stone has an unusual pinkish tone that is really set off to perfection with the softly burnished light yellow gold. Beth has a real affinity to the gemstones that she uses for her inspiring jewellery and she brings her individual and unique approach to all the commissions that she carries out.

Stylishly Elegant

To me, the design of the leaves that are cleverly holding the bezel setting which surrounds the ruby is reminiscent of the Georgian era in which jewellery was stylishly elegant in a neoclassical style, a return to simplicity after the excesses of the Rocco period. This ruby engagement ring seems to compliment the supremely elegant and unostentatious neoclassical style in jewellery with a modern twist.

Breaking the Mould

In this design, Beth has made quite an offbeat choice to use a gemstone that breaks the mould of most expectations of how a ruby should look and to create such a desirable and unique piece that celebrates the unique. This to me epitomises the British character, that we celebrate the individuality of things that do not quite fit into the mainstream.

Although I do love dark red rubies, I was surprised at how much this ruby engagement ring appealed to me. The pinkish tones and simple, elegant gold setting and band seem to be made for each other.




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