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Synthetic or Treated Ruby Engagement Ring

Feb. 12 2014
Quality rubies are second only to diamonds in their monetary value. However, synthetic or treated ruby engagement rings could be the way forward.

Wow, I did not realise how much animosity and ignorance there was surrounding synthetic gemstones. Talking to the guys at work, we are all feeling the pinch and even the most entrepreneurial amongst us can’t afford the frivolities we once could.

‘Synthesis Stones’

Synthetic diamonds and synthetic rubies are not fake and actually make great engagement ring stones. The word synthetic, from the word synthesis, actually means ‘to place together’, and just because they are put together in a lab, rather than dug up from under volcanoes, they are no less beautiful. Simple and, for me, very endearing.

I actually don’t need to know what they do in a lab and whether a stone was heat treated or created using lead glass filing, as long as the result is as stunningly beautiful and worthy of the true ruby.

No Less Than the Natural Thing

Being a practical kind of guy, I wanted to research the idea of synthetic gemstones further as I am, at the moment, considering a ruby engagement ring for L. Maybe it is because, although she may not believe it, I am a hopeless romantic at heart and the idea of red symbolising love and passion really hits home with me.

Myanmar Gems by Mohd Nor Azmil Abdul Rahman, used under a Creative Commons License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode)

A selection of sparkling Indian ruby and gold rings

I am a little embarrassed to admit we have danced to Chris de Burgh’s ‘Lady In Red’ in our time, plus, rubies are found in all of those exotic places that L and I talk about when we are enjoying a bottle of wine, snuggled up on the sofa. I know she secretly has an intrepid side that wants to trek through Burma, or discover Tajikistan and explore the unknown.

That mysterious side of L really endears me to her. Without her I would never make time to think about these things and I love the way she opens my eyes to the world.

A Bit Less on the Dear Side

One of the guys at work plumped for a synthetic ruby engagement ring for his wife, and he reckons that the only difference is the most important one and that is the cost.

For me, the fact that the synthetic options defy tradition is also appealing; I am a bit of a rebel at heart. The idea of conformity makes me uncomfortable and the way that, today, people are capitalising on the De Beers diamond engagement rings makes me want to do the complete opposite. L is special, she is different, one of a kind, and I want her ruby engagement ring to tell the world just that.

My colleauge tells me that all of his wife’s friends oggle at her ring, as they would any other, and that none of them question its origin or are really interested in the cost or how it was made.

The beauty of the synthetic gem is that it offers more choice in our budget.

The difference between natural and synthetic is barely noticable and impossible to identify without lab testing. And why would you want to test it? Every gem is individual and I will be picking a stone, whether synthetic or natural, that is gorgeous and romantic and perfect for my beautiful lady.


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