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Ruby Engagement Rings – The Symbol of Love

Feb. 12 2014
From a classical diamond to a luscious ruby engagement ring, there is so much choice. For drama and passion, you can’t beat ruby, and we girls do love a drama!

Sometimes it really winds me up that people get so influenced by trends and fashion and get bogged down with expectations.

For example, who made De Beers the authority on engagement rings? Everyone knows that it was only after he decided diamonds were a ‘girl’s best friend’ and ‘diamonds are forever’ that the world went crazy for diamond engagement rings.

Thankfully today, at least among the girls I know, the other lesser-known gemstones are being chosen as centre-pieces for that precious ring. Out of all of the girls in the office, only one had a diamond engagement ring and she says that was because she was born in April and the diamond is her birthstone. I am not entirely sure that is true though, as she is also the only girl in the office to wear Jimmy Choos on a daily basis!

Passionate Red

Coffee time at work inevitably led to talk about engagement rings and the general consensus was that the ruby engagement ring was a great alternative. With me trying to be all positive and ‘red’ this month, I was secretly pleased that the girls agreed on this.

Interlocking eternity that combines 3 different gold bands set with a vivid Ruby and Diamond by Daniel Gallie

Interlocking eternity that combines 3 different gold bands set with a vivid Ruby and Diamond by Daniel Gallie

We talked about it symbolising love, passion and romance and the more I think about it the more I think that it would really suit F too. He hates to conform, but he is a gentleman and deep down, although he would hate to admit it, he is pretty romantic.

Depth, Warmth and Drama

On my way home I often veer off past the jewellery shops and hover by the windows looking at style, cuts and stones, and last night was no different. Something I had never realised about the ruby engagement ring was how dramatic it was. The sparkle, the clarity and the range of colours and shades were overwhelming.

Gold Ruby Ring by Mabel Hasell

Gold Ruby Ring by Mabel Hasell

Red is perhaps not my colour exactly but with the spectrum of colour choice that comes with rubies, there is bound to be one perfect for me. The depth and the warmth of the stone really appeal to me and I wouldn’t necessarily need the most valuable one.

I examined all of the cuts, and although the marquise cut, shaped like an eye, is great for larger stones and could be a real-eye opener, I have always been intrigued by the pear cut, where the gemstone is shaped like the fruit.

I love the idea of nature-inspired rings.

The octagon cut, where the ruby is shaped with eight sides is a little too harsh for me, while the most romantic option is, naturally, the heart cut. This could be the perfect choice for us, as it would really shout out the symbolism behind our choice of a ruby engagement ring.

Tango couple by Pedro Ignacio Guridi, used under a Creative Commons License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode)

Ruby engagement rings symbolise great passion

Great Expectations…

I have always dreamed about my engagement ring and yet, standing there by that jewellery shop window, I realised I had no real idea what I actually wanted. That was half the excitement though, and I knew that ultimately it would be F that did the choosing.

One thing is for sure: I would not be disappointed if he decided on a ruby engagement ring.


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