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Ruby Engagement Rings Inspired by Mythology

Jan. 27 2015
Susan Peires takes F and L on a path of discovery with her ruby engagement ring exploring the world of mythology and folklore.

The other day L made a very valid point about how little we know when it comes to gemstone mythology. We’re surrounded by precious stones every day on our bespoke journey, but do we truly know the powers and history they hold?

Ruby Ring by Susan Peires

Ruby Ring by Susan Peires

Susan Peires brought some welcome education into our lives about the secrets of these beautiful gems.

Keenly associated with romance, riches and loyalty I began to see why couples love having ruby engagement rings. It’s not an aspect I’ve given much thought to before but I have to agree that it must be wonderful to start an engagement with a ring containing so much positive energy.

Susan’s design looks as if it has come straight from the pages of a medieval fairytale.

I love the authentic feel of it and could see L getting lost in the romance of the past as she gazed upon it.

I love the depth of colour in the centre stone; I much prefer a darker red when it comes to ruby engagement rings. The colour of the gemstone complements the glowing gold band perfectly and I like the mystery of the smaller diamond accents on the ring’s shoulders.

I’m really intrigued to hear about the history surrounding other precious stones and hope that L and I can factor this into our choice of gemstone for our own bespoke design.


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