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Notable Royal Ruby Engagement Rings

Feb. 12 2014
Ruby engagement rings have certainly been a favourite among the royals. For over one hundred years, the ruby has been appearing in royal engagement rings.

L is my princess and I want to pick the perfect ring for her. I know that we are both toying with all kinds of ideas, and ruby is a bit of a favourite at the moment, but the other day I was chatting to the guys when we were out on our run and one of them suggested I did some research into what real princesses were choosing for their engagement rings.

After tripping him up for implying that L was not a real princess, I agreed that it was a pretty good idea. Over a protein shake back at home I started to look at royal ruby engagement rings and bookmarked a few to come back to.

Remarkable Royal Ruby Rings

It is amazing how much you learn about something when you put your mind to it. I enjoy history and have good grasp on the Kings and Queens of Britain, but I had no idea how much the more superficial aspects of aristocratic life influenced society. Royal jewellery is priceless and apparently many designers today are still using famous Royal engagement rings as their inspiration.

Buckingham Palace by Leonard Bentley, used under a Creative Commons License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode)

Many inhabitants of Buckingham Palace were great lovers of ruby engagement rings

It really surprised me, being a little sceptical about these things, that for all the stiffness and conformity of the British Royal family they have pretty exceptional taste in engagement rings. And I had no idea how many had chosen the ruby engagement ring.

Queen Victoria, of all people, was given a ruby ring by her sister to celebrate her marriage to Price Albert, and although this was not a ruby engagement ring as such, it was certainly a symbol of the marriage.

I found that, despite myself, I wanted to know more about this ring and its two pear-shaped gems that overlapped, one ruby and one diamond, topped by a diamond encrusted tiara. The design was so dazzling and the idea that the classic style would never age really impressed me. Albert and Victoria had a very successful marriage and while that had nothing to do with the ring, you never know!

In more recent times, I discovered that Sarah Ferguson had a ruby engagement ring. Now, I am no fashion expert, but I was left wondering if this was the best choice for her, considering her colouring.

But then maybe, there is a shade of ruby to suit everyone.

I could really imagine L with a ruby. Her striking hair colour and English rose skin would be sure to be enhanced by a ruby engagement ring. I have no doubt about that.

Rubies Have a Regal Charm

My research only revealed more Royal ruby fans including Queen Mary and Victoria Lockwood, the latter choosing a slight variation on the style of Queen Victoria’s that was designed over a century earlier. The Marquis diamond surrounded by rubies in Queen Mary’s design made a stunning ring.

The more I investigate, the more Royals I find with ruby engagement rings. Anthony Armstrong-Jones actually had Princess Margaret’s ruby ring designed in the shape of a rose. Rose was her middle name. He nailed it there, didn’t he? I really could do with some tips in the romance department but I reckon I am finally getting it.

L was right when she said that there is a reason that rubies hold a certain regal charm, and after my hour spent researching I realised that our Royals have pretty good taste too. I hope I already make L feel like a princess but if not, this might be the way to go!


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