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How to Choose your Ruby Engagement Ring

Feb. 12 2014
Ruby engagement rings are a wonderful symbol of love. But where do you start when choosing one?

So, if I were to choose a ruby engagement ring, that would be only the first step in deciding on the final design. But then, where do I start with picking an actual stone and deciding on whether I want it accompanied by another stone and how I want it set?

Sometimes this whole ring design process overwhelms me and whenever I am overwhelmed or need to talk something through, the only thing that helps is tea and a large slice of cake with my best friend.

Red Velvet Cake and Ruby Engagement Rings

Sunday was the perfect day for afternoon tea with one of my friends, so we arranged to meet at our favourite tearoom. Kay knew what I wanted to chat about so arrived armed with magazines, cuttings and all kinds of information about rubies and how best to choose one for your ruby engagement ring. She is a star and I knew I would leave our coffee and cake date with much more idea of what I wanted.

Magazines by Sean Winters, used under a Creative Commons License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode)

Just some of the documentation Kay brought me on ruby engagement rings

Rubies are obviously stunning and despite being classic gemstones, they have a distinct allure that has made quite an impact on me. Looking at several designs of ring, there are so many I like but Kay also pointed out that I have to consider how they would suit me and how easy they would be to wear.

That is very true and as I am not a celebrity lucky enough to have someone washing my hair for me and painting my nails, the size and cut of my stone have to be considered.

Chemically Enhanced Colours

There was a really great article in one of the magazines that explained that the red colour in the ruby comes from the presence of chromium and that the most expensive rubies are a deeper purple-red colour. It was interesting to discover that some jewellers enhance the colour of their rubies chemically and I am not sure I would want that.

5-carat Ruby Engagement/Wedding Ring by 3BL Media, used under a Creative Commons License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode)

Although unnatural, chemically enhanced coloured rubies do have an overwhelming effect

Having said that, I am ignorant to the fact that many stones are enhanced chemically anyway and this is what adds to their beauty. I remember looking at my red velvet cake and thinking that if there could possibly be a ruby to resemble that warm fiery purple colour I would want it, if only to remind me of this delicious cake I was enjoying!

Considering the Hue

So, according to another of the snippets Kay brought along, I need to consider the ‘hue’ of the ruby, meaning the colour that ranges from orange to purple, its ‘saturation’, which refers to the intensity, and the ‘tone’, which refers to the light or darkness of the stone. All good to know and I am learning that, in the end, my ruby engagement ring will come down to personal choice. I am sure that when I see the perfect stone I will know.

More important to me is whether I will have a single ruby or have a ruby engagement ring designed with white diamonds as a complete contrast. We browse through pictures of celebrity rings and designer ring possibilities but, as Kay says, I won’t know until I tried one on.

I love the idea that rubies lend themselves to many different cuts and shapes, giving lots of scope, and flicking through the magazines, I find myself drawn to the Marquis design.

It is funny how you think you have no idea what you want but really deep down you do, it just takes someone else to recognise it.

It was Kay who had been making mental notes while we were indulging in our afternoon tea, and at the end of our chat pointed out the similarities in the rings that I kept coming back to and commenting on. She said that I knew exactly what I wanted but I just didn’t know it, and perhaps she was right.


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