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Ruby Engagement Rings Harness the Power of Love

Feb. 12 2014
A ruby engagement ring is the purest symbol of love and passion. Full of positive conurtations and powerful implications, rubies deserve recognition.

I have been feeling a little blue just lately, maybe because the weather has been a bit miserable and I am longing for warmer days and beautiful sunsets.

Then I began to think of the perfect antithesis to feeling blue and I decided that I was going to focus on feeling ‘red’. That powerful, inextinguishable colour that inspires passion and symbolises prosperity is also, F tells me, the colour of motivation and a clear mind.

Perfect; red is for me this month.

Thinking Red

Sitting at my desk at work the other day, I found I was drifting off thinking of all things red that have a positive connotation for me. From tomatoes to poppies, and from deep sunsets to my favourite dress, my thoughts soon drifted to rubies.

Ruby-rose cut by James Newman

Ruby rose cut by James Newman

I had never considered a ruby engagement ring but why not? How incredible would it look? What a statement it would be and every time I felt a little blue I could just look at it and I know it would make me smile. Oh, and I read in one of my magazines once that rubies banish sad thoughts and bring peace to whoever is wearing it.

This ruby engagement ring idea is sounding better and better.

Selling the idea to F might be more tricky as, in my daydream, I hear F telling me that rubies are almost as expensive as diamonds and asking me if they are hard wearing and whether I would get bored of it after a while because it is so different.

I think not. The rich history of the ruby and the undisputed association with love and romance, faithfulness and devotion is so powerful that I know I would never tire of it.

A quick search on the Internet inspires me even more and I realise that the shades of ruby are vast and I could choose pink or purple or any of the possibilities in between. Yes, a diamond surround would be the absolute icing on the ruby engagement ring cake, but maybe we will have to wait and see about that. I am happy thinking ruby just now.


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